Sánchez’s wrath at the emphatic NO to Rajoy

PSOE had the last word and it reaffirmed. It will not support an investiture of Mariano Rajoy. This was what Pedro Sánchez said today after the meeting with the acting President. The situation seems to be unblocked. The socialist leader has led the press to ratify that PSOE nor say yes or abstain in the investiture session. No is final and PP will seek support on its “potential allies”. Sánchez’s WRATH was accordingly. They will not accept that Mariano Rajoy govern another four years thanks to them.

With the abstain of Ciudadanos and not of Podemos and the PSOE, Mariano Rajoy has a complicated situation. PP leader has also appeared and has hinted he will not attend the investiture if there is not enough support to him. What will happen then? Will PSOE try to form a new government if the investiture of PP fails?

Sánchez’s wrath at the emphatic NO to Rajoy

Pedro Sánchez appeared after 80 minutes meeting with the leader of PP. His WRATH remained stable throughout his speech, combined with other negative emotions. In a very consistent speech with his emotions, however, the socialist leader decreased his levels of self-control. Sánchez said he had moved to Rajoy that “he can not count” with PSOE, at the transmitting NUISANCE in his gestures. Positively, Sánchez showed RESPECT by naming his party, something that shows admiration for the party he leads.

WRATH is combined with NUISANCE speaking of the investiture session where Sánchez was proposed as candidate unsuccessfully. It seems that the socialist leader is still upset with this situation. However, his relations with the party led by Rivera seem to be good. It is extracted from the EXCITEMENT that Sánchez transmitted to name that party. COWARDICE is striking that Sánchez has to speak again of his negative vote. General Secretary of PSOE has always been in favor of the negative but perhaps the internal pressures are making him mutate his opinion.

PANIC, INDIGNATION and DISAPPOINTMENT appeared speaking of the “worry” that meetings Rajoy are holding, are not proving fruitful. Consistency again lead his speech at the WRATH transmitted to name 26J. Results were the worst ever for PSOE. Sánchez knows it and his anger at this situation is palpable. PSOE leader understands that PP is the most voted party but they have to read the results “comprehensively”. Sánchez shows WONDER, perhaps for the election results that gave majority to the PP. Or the relaxed strategy that is showing PP after 26J.

Socialist leader urged the acting President to negotiate “seriously” , words dominated by Sanchez WRATH and SKEPTICISM. It seems that the meeting with Rajoy has caused suspicion and distrust on Sánchez.

The situation that confronts Mariano Rajoy is not simple. Neither the weeks approaching him where to get support will have to be his key objective. From Emotion Research Lab, we will remain alert to the emotions of the negotiations to unblock the situation.