Wrath’s abstention that will allow a Rajoy’s government

Situation in Spain has been unlocked. At what price? PSOE’s Federal Committee has opted to abstain in the second vote. Wrath’s abstention that will allow a Rajoy’s government. This was confirmed on Sunday by Javier Fernández, the leader of the socialist Committee who has taken over the party since Sánchez resigned. The “no is no” proclaime by much of the militancy has been forgotten. Spain will have government before year-end. And Mariano Rajoy will be again Prime Minister.

139 votes in favor to 96 against the abstention. Pedro Sánchez did not attend this extraordinary meeting. Most critical sector, with the PSC and Miquel Iceta as main representatives, has failed to convince the other barons who advocate to leave PP govern and not lead Spain to a third election.

Responsible for communicating the decision was Javier Fernández. Asturias’ President has always been in favor of abstention. However, his emotions are not consistent with his verbalization. Nor they did during Día de la Hispanidad. DISAPPROVAL he demonstrated to the acting President reveals that, perhaps, leave PP govern is not such a good idea as they believe from their party. But have they got other choice? PSOE is between the sword and the wall. Abstention may be the less severe decision.

Wrath’s abstention


Level of ANGER that Fernández showed throughout the hearing is really high. WRATH took over his message when he communicates to the press that PSOE “abstains”. He conveyed the decision of the Federal Committee hinting DISAPPOINTMENT, AMAZEMENT, PERPLEXITY and even PITY to this determination. The decision has been taken by a large majority but everything indicates that despite knowing it was the only option that they had to unlock the situation, Committee’s leader does not show an iota of sympathy for the position of his party.

Also, during his message we saw the disagreements that exist within the socialist party. Most critical sector has said on more than one occasion that, breaking with the voting discipline, it refuse to vote abstention. Fernández spoke to them and warned that abstention is an “imperative”. Javier Fernández showed AGGRESSION and FEARFULLNESS to address them. Socialist Group will have to vote all together if they do not want to be warned or even expelled from PSOE.

PSOE does not go through good time. In over 130 years of history it has gone through hard times but this certainly is one of the most tense one. The party is clearly divided and there is no leader who gets calm the waters between the two sides. In addition, break with PSC seems increasingly clearer. Hardly, this may be arranged in the next months. Meanwhile, Spain is out of the political and institutional crisis that it had fallen. This week, Felipe VI will meet with main political leaders and propose Mariano Rajoy as candidate for Prime Minister. And with the abstention of PSOE in the investiture session, Spain will again have government. Finally, the situation is unlocked.