An indignant Esperanza Aguirre resigns

Esperanza Aguirre has presented on February 14, her resignation as president of the PP in Madrid after reports emerged this week about corruption of the Punica plot and registration of Guardia Civil the offices of the PP in Madrid for evidence over presumed illegal funding. According to her emotional analysis, Aguirre resigns indignant and intends to assume her political responsibility for the lack of supervision on economic issues and on the appointment of Francisco Granados, man of her confidence in the party and who is currently in prison.

I should have guarded better. As I watched, I can say that I am not aware that there has been no irregular and financing much less unlawful in the PP Madrid. Therefore, I have no direct responsibility for those actions that are appearing these days, but I understand that I have a political responsibility. A political responsibility that I take because I think you have to assume political responsibility and, therefore, I announce my resignation. I do want to say that I have spoken with the President of the party and he has said he understands “. The analysis based on facial emotion recognition shows the indignation that Esperanza Aguirre manifest in her resignation speech in PP  main office. This is because the current situation has forced her to resign to be the top representative of the party in the Community of Madrid.

Emotional analysis


  • I should have guarded betterOutrage. The now former president of the popular Madrid feels her supervision in matters of corruption that have plagued the party has not been effective.
  • No irregular funding, much less illegalhate and fear. These emotions reflect the insecurity of Aguirre to corruption in the party she has presided what is inconsistent with the conviction that transmits in his speech.
  • I have no direct responsibilityindignation and sadness. Esperanza Aguirre is consistent with her emotions. Believes unjust accusations that point the media to her in this particular matter.
  • In those performances that are appearing these daysbetrayal. Aguirre, in this part of his remarks, feels betrayed by both media are uncovering cases of corruption in her party as the charges themselves involved in the plots for which it has been forced to resign .
  • Because I think you have to assume political responsibilitydisapproval and hatred. These emotions are not consistent with his speech and show that she does not believe that it has to assume this responsibility.
  • Therefore I announce my resignationOutrage and despair. Again, the emotional analysis shows that does not feel comfortable with this situation and what has taken her from office.
  • I talked to the president of the partyIndignation of Madrid Councillor speaking of Mariano Rajoy, reflects disapproval on the lack of political responsibility of the President of PP regarding the corruption plaguing his party.
  • And he said he understands“. Fear, dismay and hatred. Aguirre’s emotions in this part of the speech is consistent with the lack of support received by the leader of her party.

The leader is convinced that she has assumed responsibility for having resigned. From now it starts the battle for her succession, which remains to be seen whether the industry that supports it has more weight than the president of the Community of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes. In any case, his resignation has opened a new schism in the national party. Surreptitiously, her gesture points to Mariano Rajoy who receives all the pressure to take over the party in Madrid, further beset by the scourge of corruption. Many analysts have wanted to see a new setback Aguirre towards the still president of the PP.