Trump’s strange desperation as the only Republican candidate

After that, surprisingly, Ted Cruz and John Kasich have announced their decision to leave the race to Republican candidates to become US president, Donald Trump has the easy way ahead of his proclamation as candidate to the national party convention of the Republican party within two months. John Kasich, who represented the moderate candidate in the Republican paraty, has decided to say goodbye to the race after the results in the state of Indiana, where his opponent, Trump, has triumph. He has been critical throughout the campaign with Donald Trump and his proposals. However, Trump seems to be interested in propose him a possible position in his government. From Emotion Research Lab we wanted to analyze Trump’s strange desperation as the only Republican candidate.

Predominant emotions of Republican candidate are SADNESS and HOPELESSNESS, somewhat surprising given the situation in which Trump currently is, think that behind these resignations have been problems and party pressures. In relation to this hypothesis, we can see how when the candidate says “you are the first to talk about that of John, and that’s fine” he feels DISAPPROVAL.

Particularly striking is SADNESS and DESPARATION when the reporter reminds him that now he is alone on the way to Republican candidate for the White House. Trump says “t is good, it is good” and he shows these emotions that show that security he transmitted in each pubic appearance is not real and that being alone on this road to the White House , is not as peaceful as it could be .

On the other hand, when he says “he could be helpful in Ohio” he feels SADNESS, on the same line when “even as governor” he feels AFRAID, reflecting a loss of confidence and self-security since that state seems to again be a battleground at November elections.

Donald Trump does not feel very confident that Kasich is the most suitable candidate, which would make sense given the differences between the two Republican candidates. In the same way, when he says “I would like to examine John”  he manifests DISAPPROVAL. Although, when he says “I like John” he shows PRIDE and DESPERATION. First feeling can be understood in relation to Kasich has left the way clear and therefore is in his hand if he includes him as mate or not. On the other hand, desperation could be a result of pressure to incorporate candidate John. In addition, at the time in which he says “is vice president or not” he manifests DISAPPROVAL. All these feelings reflect that Donald Trump is not completely agree with incorpórate John in his formula.

When he talks about his relationship with the one that was his opponent his main emotions are SADNESS and DESPERATION, and he says “I ‘ve gotten along with him” he feels BETRAYAL, this may be by the criticism he has received for his part along his election campaign.

How could not it be otherwise, again the controversy surrounds Donald Trump. Either by his statements or his acts, Trump is back again in the eye of the hurricane.

A few months ago no one predicted he was to get that far with his incendiary and demolishing speech but now we have a Trump ready to face Hillary Clinton, as it appears, and get to the White House as President of the United States of America.