Lie on his words, “Trump´s fear”

The revealing Trump´s rage attributing the foundation of ISIS Hillary and Obama.

Trump feels anxiety belying his words and doubts the veracity of their clarification.

Emotion Research LAB´s software of facial emotion recognition identifies an irritable Trump facing the founding of ISIS attributed to Clinton and Obama’’.

Helped by the Emotion Research LAB´s emotion recognition software, it identifies a priori fearful Trump concerning the declaration of the foundation of ISIS, according to him, Obama and Hillary Clinton, statement that conveys amazement and wrath on his face.

Emotion Research LAB´s analysis sheds value-added information regarding the profile of a candidate in any circumstances.

bromas de Trump

Following the harsh criticism he has received the candidate for President of the United States by the Republican party because of their strong statements regarding the attribution of the founding of ISIS by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Trump had to go out to explain publicly that their words were sarcastic, ” although not as sarcastic, ” as he says.

miedo de Trump

His forced subsequent clarifications let see a startled, frightened and with considerable anxiety Trump. This anxiety indicates that clarifications, as he assures, when he says ” not as sarcastic as it seems, to be honest, ” are due to a half-truth said but not an absolute truth.