The monumental anger of Puigdemont after the referendum

There was a great expectation for the day of October 1st. The confrontation between the government of Spain and the Generalitat of Catalonia has been consummated . However, no one expected what happened. The state security forces and bodies acted in a surprisingly And disproportionate manner. In this situation, the monumental anger of Puigdemont was to be expected.

In the eyes of half the world, the monumental anger of Puigdemont becomes evident.

The government presided over, but long ago Mariano Rajoy had no harmony with that of Catalonia. The successive conversations between them had been completely fruitless. The deep discrepancieswere palpable long ago. This situation has become dramatic with the latest developments.

At the beginning of his speech Carles Puigdemont thanked ‘… the prime ministers and presidents of the government of democratic Europe’ Showing GRIEF and TERROR. The President was aware of the scarce support he had for foreign leaders. The reaction of foreign countries is uncertain at this time. Hence their emotions.

When he says, “I want to address the nearly 800 people who have had to be cared for from different considerations …” he starts with ANGER that turns into WRATH. The brutal repression of the population has particularly disturbed him. Their activation levels are especially high ..

In”… clear violations of human rights that cannot go unpunished” clearly shows a high degree of AGGRESION and UPSETNESS. Still shocked by the facts, he feels a considerable aversion.

By saying “Today the Spanish State wrote a shameful page in its history of relation with Catalonia” we see UNEASE and BETRAYEL. It is understandable that the negative feeling have produced the response of the central government.`

When he asserts that “the Catalans have earned us the right to be respected in Europe” his ANGER and RESENTMENT are remarkable. So far, the whole European Union has turned its back on us. He feels legitimized after the events that have occurred. He continues by saying “We are European citizens who suffer the violation of rights and freedoms”. His UPSETNESS, ENVY and AGGRESION also follow. In addition to his distress, he is probably envious that they could be independent European citizens. Likewise, he shows aggression because his rights are tainted.

Speaking about the European Union he also says “It is necessary to act quickly to maintain moral authority inside and outside the continent” CONCERNS, BETRAYEL and LOATHING. He thinks that Catalonia is defenseless before the Spanish empire.

Referring to the conflict “… it is no longer an internal matter, it is a matter of European interest, which appeals directly to the foundational values of the area of peace and freedom, coexistence and democracy …” UNEASINESS, ANGER and the ENVY. It goes without saying that he desires to belong to Europe as an independent state.

“We have earned the right to be heard, to be respected and recognized.” RESENTMENT, ANGER and UPSETNESS. He brings chest before the eyes of the world and demands that they listen to him.

“That is why today, in this day of hope and also suffering, the citizens of Catalonia have earned us the right to have an independent state.” ANGER, INDIGNATION. It continues with high levels of activation, claiming the right to be free, today more than ever.

At the end of his speech he says “the Catalan institutions have a duty to respect and implement what their citizens have decided today.” While he is showing high ARROGANCE, CONCERN and FEAR. Now he is even more Arrogant than in the past. His challenge to the State is clear and concise. However, his concern about future uncertainty is clear since nobody knows what is going to happen from now on.

We can conclude that Carles Puigdemont has shown emotions coherent with the speech he has given.

The (un)certain future

From now on a different time opens. The threats on both sides have been consummated. In spite of the warnings, no one expected that such a palpable political repression would occur.

The Government has seen its expectations confirmed by the influence of the public at the college elections. Despite successive judicial decisions against, a large number of citizens have gone to vote. Both the National Police and the Civil Guard have acted against the people in a very forceful way.

Today more than ever, the future becomes more uncertain. The Generalitat has already announced that it will unilaterally declare independence. The State will use all its resources to maintain the unity of Spain. No one knows what will happen. What seems clear is that the social divide is enormous. The disaffection of a part of the Catalan society with Spain increases even more. At the same time, all events have only served to further lead on the positions of both sides.

From now on we will be attentive to the steps that are followed to see in what finishes all this.