Taxes for poor or rich people?, Hillary Clinton’s dilemma

Emotion Research Lab reveals the intentions behind taxes speeches

Emotions show critical doubts on Democratic candidate

“ERL facial emotion recognition software identifies a dubious Hillary to the imposition of taxing to billionaires, presenting a mixture of irritation and panic.”

With the help of facial emotion recognition software of Emotion Research Lab is identified a dubiously Hillary with the imposition of taxes to billionaires, registering a mixture of IRRITATION and PANIC at the same time.

Emotion Research Lab analysis produce Emotion Research Lab value-added information regarding the profile of a candidate in any circumstances.


“Wall Street corporations and the super rich should pay their fair taxes, that’s I support’’.

“Multimillionaires should not be able to pay lower rates under secretaries’’

Spain, August 18, 2016.-

Hillary Clinton, Democratic candidate, shows fear defending taxes of the richest people. ECSTASY and FEAR are Hillary’s reactions to deal with this issue. Who is Hillary afraid of? To the poor or to the rich people?.

Her positioning with the most vulnerable people, at least in her speeches, it is in contrast to the fierce criticism of Trump to the fact that United States of America has the highest rate system industrialized economies, feeling DISAPPOINTMENT by this.


“The US also has the highest business taxes among the major industry nations of the world’’

“We punish companies which making products in America’’

Hillary’s position is more comfortable and it is in fact approved; however Trump is booed for his politically incorrect comments. His face does not hide the discomfort at that moment, where the RAGE, ASTONISHMENT and IRRITATION make him lose control, but at the same time positioned him in his discursive strategy focused on impact at the expense of later assigned to sarcasm or irony, negative reactions of the American people.

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