Spain, closer to form a goverment

Gradually, it seems that the political situation in Spain will unlock. Option of form a government is becoming weighter. Yesterday, Partido Popular accepted the six conditions that Ciudadanos proposed them if they wanted to get their positive vote on the investiture session. Following the meeting of the Executive Committee, PP decided they agree to review these conditions. Mariano Rajoy met Albert Rivera, and thus, he managed 170 positive votes. They just need only 6 more votes to achieve investiture.

Full weight of the responsibility now lies on PSOE. Pedro Sánchez continues anchored in the negative vote and not even thinks about abstention. All the pressure is on him. Pablo Iglesias has proposed him a progressive government again but now the role does not fall on that side.

Albert Rivera and Mariano Rajoy started negotiations fixing the date of the investiture debate. On August 30th will be the first vote. If they do not get all the supports, third election will be on December 25th.

Mariano Rajoy’s ecstasy

To be invested as President has been Rajoy’s aim since last December. After several failed attempts, he is now closer than ever. At a press conference, Rajoy expressed his ECSTASY to qualify as “decisive” that pact between Ciudadanos and PP to form a government. However, also the PANIC and WONDER were at his speech. Rajoy is aware that although a government will form, this legislature will be complicated and demanding. It is significant the ABHORRENCE showed in “form a government“. These months of uncertainty seem to be stressful to the acting president.

Although PP´s leader seems pleased to have gained Ciudadanos’ support, his emotions are not always positive. WRATH and IRRITATION in his words express his dissatisfaction with the situation. Rajoy would prefer not have to negotiate with anyone. He may thinks that the price to accept the six conditions about political regeneration is too high.

Albert Rivera’s wrath

Ciudadanos finally had to give in his positive votes to PP. There was no other option if PSOE is solid with its negative vote. Rivera, after the meeting with Mariano Rajoy looked UNCOMFORTABLE at the position he has had to make. By his gesture, it was not the desired for him. WRATH is the predominant emotion throughout his speech. Rivera shows low levels of self-control and does not prove that this pact is the preferable option for him.

It is interesting ADMIRATION that he feels mentioning Spain. Rivera has demonstrated high level of sense of State. He had to give in with PSOE and PP and rarely he has put ahead the party of his intention to form a government.

Speaking about the investiture and negotiations they are talking about, Rivera was undecided. Positive emotions such as EXCITEMENT or DELIGHT intermingled with negative emotions as WRATH and NUISANCE. Ciudadanos’ leader thinks he’s doing the right thing for his country but to invest Mariano Rajoy again as Prime Minister, does not satisfy him.

Albert Rivera spoke repeatedly of Spaniards problems and the solutions he wants to propose to Rajoy. Emotions like PANIC in expressions like “what are we going to do?” realized that Rivera is aware that the power that he can have to PP is not too valuable.

Today, Rafael Hernando and Juan Carlos Girauta meet to begin negotiations and discussions on the conditions already accepted by PP. There are still six votes to get the investiture but unblocking is near. Spain is no longer focus so clearly on a third election. But everything can change. Spanish politicians are not satisfied with the situation. This is demonstrated by their emotions. And these never lie.