Same speech, different emotions


Plagiarism in Melania Trump‘s speech at the Republican convention in Cleveland on Tuesday July 19th. has led to critical insights with this event that has become viral in recent days. This issue has motivated curiosity to analyze if both speeches, sometimes virtually identical, managed to convey the same emotions to the audience.

What we find:






Same speech, different emotions

Comparatively, Melania Trump has more emotional leadership profile than Michelle Obama, according to the analyzed emotional metrics , security and engagement.

Michelle Obama has a higher self-control than Melania in a speech that is virtually identical. Although self-control Obama is optimal, there are specific moments when she speaks about the guarantee which is work to ensure the objectives of every single person where negative emotions as ANGER or NUISANCE appropriates her self-control. Perhaps Michelle Obama is aware that sometimes people work hard, but they do not achieve their goals, because her face can not hide this idea.

Both have a low confidence index during their analyzed speeches fragments. Although confidence rates are low, we can detect some moments where Michelle communicates DELIGHT and ECSTASY achieving their confidence and engagement to the values appreciate fully coherent. Michelle Obama is shown as a tolerant and respectful person, it is and transmits properly. The copy of the speech does not diminish safety that shows Melania, not just emotion of fear recorded during her speech. In the same way, it happens with her engagement to the content that speaks, that generates an optimal level of facial expression at all times, even higher than Mrs. Obama.

The weakness of Melania is self-control, the main loss of itself can be seen in the sentences she referred to his ​​education on values she received in her childhood, speech that copies Melania from Michelle.  Melania shoots the ANGER. This causes her image is not reliable given this incongruity appreciating the ideal described situation. The question would be, how was her childhood? Her emotions are those of DEPRESSION, ANGER, DISAPPOINTMENT, NUISANCE and IRRITATION.

Her confidence is higher at peak times such as when talking about the need to work hard, where she feels EXCITEMENT. However, the confidence rate Melania is low on average This lack of confidence occurs for example when talking about the idea of ​​transmitting these values ​​to future generations, which produces a mixture of emotions without sense, fromPANIC to AROUSAL. Melania could be transmitting feelings about the values ​​that her husband wants to transmit to future generations of US citizens.

In contrast to the incongruity of Melania about the values ​​to transmit to future generations, Michelle Obama, reaffirmed at the time the need for her and her husband own values ​​transmitting those to the next generations and their children. In contrast, Melania Trump shows DELIGHT, increasing their confidence rate. Michelle relies on these values ​​and she is very consistent with the message she wanted to communicate with her speech.