Rita Barberá’s indignation for ‘Caso Taula’

Valencia’s ex mayor has appeared this morning before the media waiting for her statements at the headquarters of the Valencian PP after the offer of the judge to declare because of ‘Caso Taula’ voluntarily before him. After having known this offer and lifting sub judice for alleged money laundering in the Popular Party Town Hall, in this hearing it has shown Rita Barberá’s indignation for ‘Caso Taula’.

The senator reiterated that she will not resign because, according to her statements, she has not participated or contributed, or ordered any money laundering. She has also suggested that telephone conversation spread between ex city councillor Maria Jose Alcon and his son on corruption in PP of Valencia, could be a farce against her. Barberá has also ensured that she spoke with Mariano Rajoy, acting president, and she feel fully supported by her party.

Rita Barberá’s indignation for ‘Caso Taula’

This is the second time in a month that Rita Barberá is forced to appear before the media for alleged links with corruption’s operation plaguing Valencian PP. Last February 25th we analyze it from Emotion Research Lab and by emotional facial recongnition’s technique, DESPERATION with which the former leader of the PP in Valencia defended her innocence, as she has done it again this morning.

Barberá has shown BETRAYAL, HATE and INCREDULITY by declaring that she accepts “this offer” referring to the offer of testify voluntarily before the judge Victor Gomez, the one that is investigating this case and that “I categorically express that I will work unconditionally with Justice”. Rita Barberá does not found herself comfortable in this situation as well show uncovered emotions after this analysis. SADNESS takes hold of her words by declaring that she manifests “all truth I know” before the judge. That truth can be decisive in this political scheme by which the whole of Valencian PP has been accused.

Consistency in Rita Barberá’s words is evident in his facial microexpressions showed when she is talking about her personal involvement in the plot, stating that “no black money comes from me.” Her emotional activation is higher in these times when she defends her innocence and she maintains her position to retain her status as senator as in the first hearing in February. Her speech is clear, “I have committed no crime, I have not committed any wrongful act and, therefore, I will not resign”. INDIGNATION, HATE and ANGER are the predominant emotions at this time of Rita Barberá’ speech and still seem to admit that she has spoken with Mariano Rajoy, support she receives from the Popular Party is absolute and “nobody, absolutely nobody” has request her resignation.

In the next 20 days, Rita Barberá testifies before the judge at Imelsa case with no questions and may be accompanied by her lawyer. From Emotion Research Lab will remain alert to show whether Rita finally goes to that appointment and she tells “all truth”.