Ricardo Costa, resentful with the PP and outraged by his activity

The so-called Gürtel case continues to arouse great interest by the media. This Monday began the hearing of the separate piece related to the alleged irregular financing of the PP in the Valencian Community.

After the statements of Francisco Correa and Enrique Crespo, it was expected that the case would continue feeding the media with big headlines. And it was the turn of Ricardo Costa, resentful with the PP and outraged by his performance.

We knew that the intention of the former general secretary of the Valencian PP was to collaborate with justiceAfter the incendiary statements of Correa, Pérez and Crespo, his defense strategy was to try to aim higher in the hierarchy of responsibilities.

 Emotional analysis

The one that in his day was one of the most trusted members of Francisco Camps, appears before the judge with a well-prepared appearance, apparently.

At the beginning of his statement, he shows a high scale of CONFRONTATION when listing the amounts of money that various companies made to the supposed B box of the party. It is important to highlight how the AVERSION is triggered enormously when referring to the Alicante businessman, Enrique Ortiz.

In a very deliberate way he claims: “I knew it” with a clear AVERSION. No doubt because of the sincere regret he seems to show. He continues his statement with a thoughtful and long silence where the FEAR stand out. Then “I did not prevent it” with high activation in his RESENTMENT.

“And I omitted my obligation to denounce it” FEAR and AVERSION. He is aware of his situation and we can understand from his emotions that he knows what awaits him. Immediately, his thoughtful silence shows CONSTERNATION. He has not liked his behavior and fears the consequences.

Likewise, following his regret, he says “… and therefore I am willing to assume the consequences that this entails”, where HATRED appears.

It is time to talk about the relationship with the national headquartersReferring to his visit to Genova Street, he continues “… I had a meeting with the national manager, at that time Luis Bárcenas, on the sixth floor“. His emotions of RESENTMENT, REPULSION, and CONFRONTATION are constant and especially high and sustained.

The epitome was when he talks about who was his boss. At the same time, it is the least clear and most doubtful moment of the declarant. When referring to the message that his Valencian superiors give him to transmit to the manager of the national PP, we see a slightly nervous Costa. By saying “… induced or that he posed to me that it was told to the President Camps” he expresses DISGUST, FEAR, and RESENTMENT. He accuses those who were his great companions and party friends. He intends to transmit security by looking fixedly at its interlocutor but he really seems dismayed.

When quoting the response of Luis Bárcenas: “That is a prohibited practice in the Popular Party at a national level” the AVERSION and the RESENTMENT return. He may feel a deep sense of guilt for his past performance. It is clear in “… and it would be a Filesa 2″ with its REJECT and DISGUST.

Fruit of the thorough preparation of his speech, he shows a high rate of ANTICIPATION in “If it is true that the PP was financed with black money” A very strong phrase that also produces him a great INDIGNATION.

At the end of the hearing, Costa shows HATRED again when the judge asks him if they were cash contributions from the businessmen.

Costa contributes to increase the problem

It seems clear that he is really dismayed by the situation. He has presented himself very sure of his words and collaborative with the magistrate. However, at the time of talking about his teammates in Valencia, it has been somewhat less clear. Perhaps he feels he is betraying those who elevated him as one of the strong men of the party. He may have come to this appointment somewhat coerced by some of them.

Corruption scandals continue to involve the Popular Party. Testimonies about a vital time for the continuity of the present president of the Government in the party are still accumulating. Mariano Rajoy has shown on other occasions a manifest laxity in dealing with these problems. We will see if this escalation of statements continues and if this situation catches up with the party.