Rajoy’s hate to Otegi’s visit to the Parlament

This week, Arnalgo Otegi, was invited by the regional Catalonian government, currently formed by the pro-independence coalition Junts Pel Sí and CUP, to appear in Parliament and meet with different members of the Catalan administration. President of the Parliament, Carme Forcadell, received him in her office to speak of the independence process from the Catalan government considered carrying out and Otegi has admitted that “Basque separatists must thank Catalans by the process, Catalonia is being forefront of the struggle of peoples” and he assured to feel “a healthy envy for the process that is living here”. In Emotion Research Lab, we wanted unclog Rajoy’s  hate to Otegi ‘s visit to the Parliament.

Arnaldo Otegi, historic leader of the nationalist left, came out last March in prison after having been there for the last six and a half years of his life trying to rebuild the outlawed Batasuna under the orders of ETA and convicted of membership in a terrorist organization on degree of leader. After his release from prison he was named general secretary of Sortu, Basque political party declared euskaldún, socialist and independent.

In addition to his independence declarations he has drawn attention repentance to the bloody attack that ETA committed in Barcelona in 1987 in a supermarket chain claiming that “this should never happen”.

Leaders like the already named President of the Parliament, representatives of ERC and CUP as Joan Tardà, Gabriel Rufián or Isaac Peraire have shown their appreciation for this visit of Otegi to Catalonia but many parties have condemned it as Ciudadanos, PP orPSC who did not attend the commission.

Rajoy’s hate to Otegi’s visit to the Parlament

Mariano Rajoy, in an act of PP in the Balearics Islands, took the floor to refer to this meeting and accused in his speech to Carme Forcadell of “surrender” to the leader of the leftwing nationalist and “hurt the feelings” of the victims of terrorism by allowing this meeting. After this charge, Rajoy said, referring to him and his party, that “we are not going to do it” and Rajoy’s HATE to Otegi’s visit to the Parlament allowed by the Catalan institutions, became dormant. PP’s leader showed a high level of commitment in his words and the consistency of his words with his emotions were perceived as rarely before we could glimpse in our analysis.

Catalan PP and Ciudadanos wanted to counteract this visit with the invitation to the outskirts of the Parliament to the victims of terrorism, with whom they met and agreed to some acts to boycott this visit, however, it was carried out despite ignite much of the Spanish population.