Rajoy feels hate naming institutions that work against corruption

-“What happened yesterday shows, first of all, that there is no impunity and that the prosecution, the judiciary, the police, the Civil Guard work well. And that the Popular Party has been and will remain relentless”: SADNESS AND HATE.
Rajoy acts consistent in this. The Popular Party has been involved in a corruption case again and he is trying to get away, especially at this key moment for him and his party.
-“What happened yesterday…”: SADNESS.
Rajoy is talking about January 26 of this year, when the Civil Guard inspect the Provincial Valencian Council and several municipalities with PP government in recent years and arrested more than 20 people, including Alfonso Rus, ex President of the Valencian Council and close to Rajoy.
Mariano Rajoy shows afflicted.
-“There is no impunity“: ARROGANCE.
Rajoy shows confidence in the functioning of justice and reinforces the idea that his party is advocating that Spain is demonstrating that justice knows no political moments.
The prosecution, the justice, the Police, the Guardia Civil“: HATE.
The negative emotion shown pronouncing the name of this institutions is striking.
-“Relentless “: ARROGANCE.
According to this adjective Rajoy shows that in his opinion, his party is being rigorous ejecting corrupt people linked with corruption.
– “I am not aware that Rita Barbera is accused of something, if she were to be accused of something, she would be treated exactly the same way I would”: DISAPPROVAL.
That message is consistent. If that happens, he could not accept her at his party if he wants to have credibility at this topic.
– “I am not aware that Rita Barbera is accused of something”: DISAPPROVAL.
– “If she were to be accused of something”: SADNESS.
Rita Barberá is one of the great bastions of the Popular Party. She has been the mayor of Valencia for over 20 years, and nowadays she is a territorial senator.
– “She would be treated exactly the same way I would“: CONSTERNATION AND DISAPPROVAL.
Mariano Rajoy thinks at this hypothesis with rejection.

Video from “El País” gave up by “El programa de Ana Rosa ” of 27/01/2016.