Rajoy’s displeasure swearing his position before the King


Mariano Rajoy‘s displeasure swearing his position shows that, for the second time, Prime Minister of Spain is aware of the difficult term to which he faces. Everything indicates that the government will not be easy. Popular leader feels sad. His emotions has show it in the swearing of his position before the Constitution and to the King this morning.

After ten months, Spain has President. On Saturday, Rajoy obtained Congress of Deputies’ confidence in the second voting of the investiture session. With 170 favourable votes and 111 against votes. Abstention from 68 of the 85 socialist deputies. And this PSOE more cracked than ever. An unusual event in the Spanish democracy. They have not been easy days for the Spanish politics.

Institutional unblocking has been a long and hard road. Full of negotiations that have finally come to an end. Socialist Party abstained, but not everyone, and with a simple majority, PP won the presidency of the Government. Second investiture session was full of tense moments. The most talked one starred as Gabriel Rufián, deputy of ERC, with his inflammatory speech dedicated to PSOE. Antonio Hernando wanted to use his turn to reply and was applauded by the majority of the Congress of Deputies.

Hard legislature that awaits Mariano Rajoy

Mariano Rajoy’s DISPLEASURE may have a coherent explanation. As we already mentioned, this legislature is not going to be easy. He does not even know if it will last the four years planned. The tense atmosphere that was experienced in the last session of investiture just confirmed it. PSOE and Podemos dispute the opposition to the government. And besides, PSOE will have to organize itself internally.

Next step for the popular leader is the formation of government. Who will be on his team? On Thursday the composition of the new government will communicate and we will know if there are changes or some names remain in the group. At the moment, Spain already has, again, President of the Governement and the postscript “acting” will remain in the past.