Rajoy abhors the meeting with Rivera

Mariano Rajoy met Albert Rivera in the framework negotiations to form a government after the december 20th elections. This meeting was suggested by the Ciudadanos leader, who is trying to form a big agreement between the two traditional parties of the country. After the talks in the morning, the emotions analysis reveals Rajoy abhors the meeting with Rivera. Rivera went to the Congress of Deputies to hear the formal proposal of government, where five main measures were suggested:

  1. Employment growth.
  2. Tax reform and financing.
  3. A great social pact.
  4. Education.
  5. Institutional strengthening.

This picture was taken during the handshake between the two candidates for the presidency of Spain. It shows Rajoy’s loathing at an unprofitable meeting. Both PP and PSOE are reluctant to this big agreement and predisposed to take different positions. Rajoy’s party has decided waiting for a possible second election, given his incapacity to achieve enough support to present their candidate to the investiture. Meanwhile, the Socialist Party, who has more options to get the government, has proposed a government program close to Podemos and Ciudadanos’ positions, which is clearly excluding Popular Party.

Rajoy is aware of this adverse situation in which he is no longer leading the negotiations, and Spain’s future rely on opposition parties.