Polls fail again: Trump President

Americans kept their authentic expressions to the polls, while the surveys reflected a closed contest, reality surpassed the expectations and gave the triumph to Donald Trump.

The so-called “shame vote” to openly express their election was the determining factor that marks a historic moment for the United States of America, but also for the rest of the world that will gradually have to assess the new reality in global geopolitics.

No mass media believed in this option. Against all odds, Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. Polls fail again, not emotions. Yesterday, from Emotion Research Lab, we analyzed two candidates’ emotions exercising their right to vote. Hillary was HAPPY, she was confident. She believed in her victory. On the other hand, Donald Trump was OPTIMISTIC to the situation. He trusted even more in triumph. And he achieves it. This morning he achieved the unexpected.

With a xenophobic, sexist and anti-system speech he has achieved more than 270 electoral votes. He has achieved what Clinton has not been able to do. Dissatisfied with traditional politics americans have voted overwhelmingly for him. White men mostly. But Afro-Americans, Latinos and women have also succumbed to his populist message. Everybody hoped to see, after Obama, first woman to occupy the White House as President. But Trump has snatched Hillary Clinton from that conquest.

Trump even surpassed Clinton in historically Democratic states. Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania are clear examples of this. Nobody expected this data. And the stock exchanges around the world have noticed this opening with very low figures. It is also expected that Wall Street will open today with heavy losses.

Polls fail, not emotions


There is no doubt that Donald Trump has revolutionized American politics. He has risen to the wave of social discontent with the establishment and populism and he has done well. With his incendiary speech full of constant broadsides he has managed to convince disappointed with traditional politics Americans. What will it happen from now? Will Trump change the discourse that has fractured American society? If we analyze his proclamation speech as President, everything indicates that his speech will turn to moderation. Although with Trump it is difficult to make guesses.

Campaign has been tough. Both candidates have removed dirty rags to shine. Trump was comfortable as he shows when talking about that campaign full of ECSTASY, DELIGHT and AMAZEMENT. Trump has admitted it and congratulated Clinton for this unprecedented campaign with PANIC and WRATH. He has presented himself as the President of all Americans, both those who voted for him and those who did not. However, this appreciation is not consistent. Trump shows NUISANCE to his voters. Citizens who have elevated him to the Presidency. His arrogance has no limits.

With a more moderate speech than usual, Trump spoke of “unify” all Americans. However, it is something he knows it will be difficult. PANIC that he shows when talking about it so indicates it. Election campaign has divided Americans and changing that, will not be easy. This PANIC is also shown when he asks Americans to “work together” on this arduous task for the next four years. And even when he talks about the American dream. Trump looks scared.

Trump also had a moment to thank his family. He showed RESPECT for them but also NUISANCE when naming his wife, Melania Trump, who has accompanied him throughout the campaign but also has staged several controversies. Donald Trump described his triumph as a “historic event” being consistent with the excitement he showed, EXCITING for being the next president of the United States. Against all odds. He addressed the Americans to convince them that they will be proud of their President. However, he himself seems to doubt it. NUISANCE, PANIC and AMAZEMENT again shows that he knows that his mandate will not be easy.

Polls fail again. Donald Trump will be President of the US and a new mandate is coming. It is not expected to be a moderate mandate. Surely it is full of actions that will raise hackles and will be harshly criticized. Although with Trump it is difficult to know something for sure, his emotions will betray him.