Politically incorrect mexican candidates

We open our international secction with one of the politic events that undoubtedly will cause stir. The macroelections of june in México will have an especial importance. A multitude of States should deposit the vote in the ballot box until three times to choose their council,  provincial government and their governorship. We will follow with an special interest the new policitally incorrect mexican candidates that have burst in the political contest.

After the publication of the viral video of the “independent citizens to the power” and their particular war againist the corruption, impunity and the privileges of the political parties, it has been analized what they rally feel these new politics.

In front of the polemic “antibronco” law, the challengers to candidates make efforts in this video to ask for the signatures that are required for contending in the next elections which will take place in june of this year.

The results are amazing. The issue of the signatures generate indignation, disapproval and hate in the candidate to the governorship of Veracruz, althought he looks to the future with positivism, feeling self-satisfaction when he says “something good is going to happen” if citizens give they support to independents.

The most convinced of his cause is Francisco Chavira, independent candidate to the governorship of Tamaulipas.

Sadness, betrayal and anger are the emotions felt when he speaks about the politics of the parties who “self paid their millionaires bonus and christmas box another time”. As well, sadness, guilt and indignation transmits when he says “ (…) and don’t talk about that nonsense video because it’s a dirty war”; the most remarkable is the feeling of delight he shows when he refers to political parties as “cancerous tumor”.

Finally, the video ends with the support of the new independent gobernator Jaime Rodriguez “The Bronco”,  totally dominated by negative emotions as anger and fear in front of “you are also going to give a lesson to particracy” which makes him feel consternation, as a result of the interrelation of that anger and fear. In the same way of emotional pattern, feels betray and indignation with his message: “we have to make the political parties retire but without pension”, and finally oddly enough sadness when he ask support saying “help to independents and this country will be better”.

It’s obvious that the first independent Gobernator of México is pulling out all the stops because he is not the only one who is fighting againist particracy, althought if we look his emotions, we should ask ourselves if the Gobernator is feeling that his message is going to convince to the most of the citizens.