Podemos-IU pact. Garzón’s indignation and neutrality in Iglesias

After months of agreements and baseless failed pacts to get government in Spain, political parties re-create strategies to attend to new elections scheduled for June 26th. Electoral campaign has started and every vote counts. Thus, first to get down to work have been Alberto Garzón and Pablo Iglesias. From Emotion Research Lab we analyze the Podemos-IU pact. Garzón’s indignation and neutrality in Iglesias.

Well-known friendship of the two leftist leaders has now transferred the personnel way and their parties have decided to attend together to the polls. So the two young leaders announced yesterday evening from Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, epicenter of 15M concentrations, through two videos that rose almost at once to their Facebook and Twitter.

A week ago, bases of Izquierda Unida-Unidad Popular validated with 84.5% a possible future agreement between his party and Podemos and, although they will be re-ratify this pre-agreement as the basis of purple party, it seems it is a fact that both bands will come to a joint list to the next elections.

Pablo Iglesias tempted IU leader before December elections, but at this time, Alberto Garzón was reticent. However, plummeting of his party, which won only two seats despite the almost million people who voted for it, it seemed to be the cause of this shift in its strategy. Podemos may also need a shift in tactics because of the possibility that gave some surveys of losing seats, this gives it new hope.

Podemos-IU pact. Garzón’s indignation and neutrality in Iglesias

In this fragment of the aforementioned videos, Alberto Garzón shows high activation of INDIGNATION predominant in his words. It can be seen as mentioning the word “pre-agreement” the feeling of sadness prevails, which seems to show that he is not entirely agree in having to go to the elections in coalition because his party has failed get enough seats to have their own parliamentary group in the Congress of Deputies. Garzón’s consistency with their ideas and democracy is felt when transmitting PRIDE and DELIGHT in speaking of the “militants” and “vote” in the query to ratify the agreement. However, in the message Garzon transmits BETRAYAL when he addresses IU militants and recommends positive vote to this covenant, which suggests, as we analyzed before in other post, that the leader is not fully safe again this covenant. Hearing talk to his partner, Pablo Iglesias’ HAPPINESS prevails, it seems that despite their partisan differences, their personal bond is strong.

Pablo Iglesias, while listens to talk to Alberto Garzón shows smiling but it draws attention the high neutrality showing throughout the speech. This neutrality decreases when Garzon speaks of “vote favorably” and the leader of Podemos shows ANGER and DISAPPROVAL. Iglesias is not consistent with the message transmitted for this positive impact for both parties. Perhaps a battle of egos issue within the party to prevent and understand where their proposals can not be carried out. Film phrase that Iglesias closed the pact, referring to ” The A-Team” is not credible and indicates the dismay transmitted by him.

Both candidates convey negative emotions and who have been forced to be understood as both fighting for the same profile of voters and, none have reached the expected goal, have had to create this union.

Latest barometer of CIS gives PP again as winner of the elections; however, the big change would be given by the “sorpasso” Podemos to PSOE in voting intentions, which could be increased if Podemos go accompanied by Izquierda Unida. Iglesias has ratified on several occasions that for him the main enemy to be overcome is PP and that he pretends that PSOE will be the next to join the agreement IU-Podemos and corroborate the “grand left pact” that was truncated before by PSOE-Ciudadanos pact.

Another big questions, as the name of the joint list, where will be Alberto Garzón name on the list? It seems to be relegated to fifth place on the list for Madrid. Leader of Izquierda Unida is the best valued political leader in Spain, so move him to this position could be somewhat risky. We will continue to watch for the next pacts and emotions of our politicians face a difficult and unusual situation.