PNV says NO to Rajoy astonishingly

Doors were still closed to Mariano Rajoy. After 26J elections everything indicates that his investiture will be failed because no party has confirmed its support for Partido Popular. Coalición Canaria seems willing to negotiate but it is not a key party. Meetings continue in these weeks and last Wednesday it was the turn of Partido Nacionalista Vasco and Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, where PNV says NO to Mariano Rajoy astonishingly.

Aitor Esteban, PNV spokesman, appeared before the media to announce that his party also closes the door to Rajoy. While this has not been a strong ‘no’ strong as the ERC one, as the self-determination of Catalunya does not fit into the plans of the Popular Party, as the lehendakari Urkullu has said he could change his mind if the penitentiary policies change, to negotiate the approach of ETA prisoners.

PNV says NO to Rajoy astonishingly

Aitor Esteban showed discontent during his appearance and said that currently are “far apart” in their positions with the party led by Mariano Rajoy and therefore shown AMAZED that now their vote is sought for the investiture of the President when at the four-year term of the PP with an absolute majority, Basque Country has suffered from the government “roll over and over again”. PNV spokesman also launched the ball into the roof of PSOE and insisted that they are who should help to unblock the situation in which the country finds itself.

The spokesman of the Basque Nationalist Party, also showed WRATH and BETRAYAL by naming Popular Party and Government, which is very consistent with the disagreement position transmitted with his statements to the media. It is important the DISAPPOINTMENT and DEPRESSION that issue his facial microexpressions where Esteban blamed the Popular Party policies used against the Basque Country in these past four years.

Mariano Rajoy will not have it easy and, again, the image of a new third elections looming on the Spanish scene. A great pact PP-PSOE seems very unlikely after the recent statements of some barons of the PSOE and its General Secretary, Pedro Sánchez, but neither a coalition with Ciudadanos and other political forces minority seems to be the solution that gets Spain to form a government.