Pedro Sanchez ready to negotiate with all political forces

“To open these negotiations with other political formations. I keep going, with all the political parties. Obviously, with the Popular Party I will have occasion to talk but in the formulation of government I ‘m contemplating, logically , the Popular Party does not enter .”: HATE AND INDIGNATION, Pedro Sánchez’s words and emotions are consistent with the current political outlook and even more with the difficult situation in which he is located afer the invitation of the king to form a government.

  • “Negotiations”: Hate, Pedro Sánchez is disappointed with the position it has held his party and other political parties after the elections of 20-D without achieving any agreement due to the loss of votes that any approach can make.
  • “I keep going, with all”: Capture’s attention indignation in his words at this time of his speech, perhaps because of the reluctance to dialogue with all political forces.
  • “I will have occasion”: Arrogance, Pedro Sánchez is satisfied with the opportunity that the King has given him and to be able to start the negotiations to unblock the spanish current political situation.
  • “Does not enter””: Referring to the Popular Party, arrogance is what dominates at this part of the speech; because at the new and modern government that he intends to form, he leave outside his traditional political rival.