Pedro Sánchez’s “game of thrones”

Pedro Sánchez has initiated meetings with other parties to try to make a success the investiture proposed by the King. After Rajoy’s resignation the alternatives are a leftist coalition or a proposal that integrates PP , PSOE and C’s. Crossed vetoes of the different parties make this a difficult puzzle to fit. In this game of thrones or covenants it is important to analyze the emotional leadership that each of the candidates are building.
Rivera’s proposal that negotiation teams and not the leaders have to carry the agreement’s process, it seems quite sensible and we have seen that this has been a campaign with a high degree of emotional involvement of the leaders. We can not forget the electoral debate between Mariano Rajoy-Pedro Sánchez and Sánchez’s attack to Rajoybecause the prime minister, Mr. Rajoy, has to be a decent person, and you’re not.” And here the key issue was whether the attack was made from neutrality, a campaign strategy dictated by advisers or from direct personal involvement. The emotional analysis by facial coding technology of Emotion Research LAB allowed to see the HATRED in Sánchez’s emotional state. And from there it was clear that any agreement PP-PSOE would not be an option for any of two candidates. Studying Pedro Sánchez, it is a good example of how people make decisions, emotions playing a key role in our rationality.
We remember the DELIGHT and ARROGANCE that comes at the first appearance of Sánchez after the elections , when he refers to his election as Party Secretary.

Remember the delight and pride that comes at the first appearance of Sánchez after the elections , when referring to his election as Party Secretary.
So if I told it, when I was elected General Secretary of the Spanish Socialist Party and I have said throughout this campaign and pre campaign, I reiterate today, I am proud to lead PSOE“.


juego de tronos o de pactos
Pedro Sánchez likes the power and will play his cards to get it.

If Rajoy’s hatred has done with closed doors, in both directions , to a pact or abstaining from PP or PSOE. It is interesting to see how Sánchez reacts after the meetings with the other two major players: Albert Rivera and Pablo Iglesias .

More empathetic with Rivera and hatred to Iglesias

From an emotional point of view , it seems that Sánchez is more empathetic to Rivera’s position, probably because looking at it he founds that need to be generous to achieve what he calls a progressive and reform government. And it is more empathetic with Rivera since in his statement after the interview with him , he empathizes with a feeling of sadness at the deadlock spanish situation and the need to reach agreements that make a government viable without the need of new elections.

Pedro Sánchez after the meeting with Albert Rivera at the Congress – 4/2/2016

“I’ve seen a good predisposition by Ciudadanos . I think there are common spaces where Ciudadanos and the Socialist Party can be understood, I think that we should not put any veto stands or ideologies and this will be the way where we will see how far we can reach agreements with one or other political formations”.
INDIGNATION AND SADNESS. Emotions that dominate Pedro Sánchez’s discourse after meeting with Albert Rivera are indignation and sadness. These emotions may be due to the difficult situation that Sánchez is because Sánchez has asked that if he want to have Ciudadanos in his government , he should also be understood with PP; and Podemos,in turn, has made ​​it known that if they pact with Ciudadanos, they won’t pact with them.

This tense situation turns his emotions on a negative way, because despite having common points in his program that could lead to a grand agreement with Ciudadanos, he also needs the support of other parties , so it appears that these negotiations are not on track .

“I think we should not put any veto stands or ideologies”. Hate and betrayal. This feeling is not against Rivera, it is important do not forget that seems a message to the barons of PSOE because they imposed vetoes that nullified any possibility of agreement and at what Sanchez, left,  with the wildcard public proposing that the members participate in decisions regarding the agreements with other parties .

Pedro Sánchez after the meeting with Pablo Iglesias at the Congress – 5/2/2016

The meeting between Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias can be summarized as 1 hour and 15 minutes without any progress dialog in which Pablo Iglesias placed against the sword and the wall to the leader of the PSOE to choose between Ciudadanos and Podemos. And what is clear is that the cracking of Pablo Iglesias has taken by surprise to Pedro Sánchez increasingly calculator and strategist to come to power.

It is clear that Iglesias’s position has generated considerable anger in Sánchez, and the tone of his appearance is a deep anger and outrage. This adds to the data published by the CIS where Podemos exceed PSOE in the case of new elections.

It is clear the outrage derived from a deep anger. But that anger seems to go beyond when he speaks directly to Pablo Iglesias . And that’s where we see HATRED. The question is, will that emotion has the same result as we saw in the electoral debate over Rajoy?

I hope Pablo Iglesias’s party will reconsider itHATE / Betrayal“.

Albert Rivera after meeting with Pedro Sánchez at the Congress – 02/04/2016

The tone of Albert Rivera is of consternation and arrogance. This is quite consistent with what he speaks. But there are some interesting in otes,the arrogance, marked by happiness and delight when he is speaking.

There will be no dealARROGANCE , Ciudadanos’s leader is very sure of his words when he talks Sánchez  that there will be no agreement without PP .There’s even a bit BLAME.

There will be no agreement if PSOE and PP do not leave their cold war” : PLEASURE / HAPPINESS .

From the point of emotional leadership , Albert Rivera , has found in its communication strategy a clear policy role, the one of mediator? A role in the minds of citizens and it is a role that can not leave .But what is the real Ciudadanos’s strategy?
Pablo Iglesias after meeting with Pedro Sanchez at the Congress – 02/05/2016

Iglesias launches an ultimatum, he will not sit with Pedro Sanchez and his team will available while Pedro Sanchez did not make a decision. It is important to remember that Iglesias comes to this meeting with the results of the CIS that shows they are above PSOE if new elections happen.

“I hope he will choose a government with us and not with Ciudadanos” ARROGANCE. Iglesias shows hope from the perspective of power that CIS’s results give to them.

And in any case I will respect the decision he makes …ANGER. It is clear that he is unwilling to accept a contrary decision.

“But I deeply hope that he bets on a government of progress and change …” FEAR. While CIS data can indicate an advantage of Podemos if a second election happen, it clearly aware that these data are biased because we must not forget that the survey has done almost a month before the Courts formed themselves, before Rajoy declined to try the endowment, before Pablo Iglesias offered the PSOE a coalition and before Sánchez was formally proposed by the King.

There is no doubt that this is a real “game of thrones” where the role each one plays will be evaluated by the public opinion and all are aware of the risk posed to appear as guilty of bringing the country back to the polls . This public opinion bet more for a coalition government between PSOE and Ciudadanos who have the support or abstention of other political parties. It locate at the opposite way Pablo Iglesias’s offer: an executive group of socialists, Podemos and IU that also requires support and abstentions.


Therefore , empathy from Sanchez to Rivera seems to have a lot more sense if we echo public opinion . But it is important do not forget the delight of PSOE’s leader when at the beginning of this article pointed out that he likes power and he has proven to be a survivor, so even on Friday Ciudadanos and PSOE’s teams sat down to negotiate teams, if a government passes to accept the cracking of Iglesias, we can still surprise it.