Pedro Sánchez battles but shows amazement for losing

Aware of the bad results achieved in the last 6 election calls, the critical sector led especially by the federations of Andalusia, Extremadura, Castilla la Mancha and Valencia, they have prepared one mass demission of half plus one of the members of the executive. Thus they have sought to force out even though Pedro Sanchez pitched battle. He wanted to take control of the party from he declared himself as candidate as prime minister in mid 2015. At that time, he skipped the mandatory consultation with the executive, announced his candidacy. After the poor elections results of 20D and 26J, Sanchez has not made the necessary self-criticism and he has failed to make an accurate reading of what the polls showed. His failed attempt to form a government faced him not just within his own people, who advocated an approach to Podemos.

The straw that broke the camel are Basque and Galician elections which have suffered severe correction. The secretary general did not even face after the 25S, leaving his subordinates to do a reading of a new far from the necessary ideological regeneration asking the party electoral wallop.

Sánchez battles

Emotional analysis

The now former leader of the Socialists was certainly proud before the offensive who faced to him from the critical wing of his party.

In his first appearance after the resignation of 17 members of the Federal Executive, the Secretary General was still a defensive position under the emotions displayed in his speech.

ANGER, OUTRAGE or ANNOYANCE, accompanying ARROGANCE, by an unprecedented situation and greatly troublesome for him and his affiliates. He feels attacked and we can see clearly that he thinks offer battle.

“After the events in the middle of this week” OUTRAGE, DISGUST, WRATH, ARROGANCE. The unfortunate events produce a flood of negative emotions because he feels attacked directly.

“In such a sensitive moment for the organization I lead” WRATH, ANNOYANCE. The  awkwardness of the situation that he is living is more than evident and his face reflects it.

“I share the tearing of by many progressives”, GRIEF, OUTRAGE, DISLIKE. Sultry image that the party is giving, makes a dent in the prestige of the party. So, he as leading responsible has words of understanding for militancy.

The general secretary presents his resignation

After more than 12 hours of endless conversations, Pedro Sánchez came on the stroke of 21: 00h to announce his resignation as secretary general of the PSOE.

His attempts to propose a solution to the serious crisis of his party have ended in a dramatic way. Some of his peers, so far they agree with his stance, have withdrawn their support, thus he loses the vote.

Emotional Analysis

The socialist leader is in a state of stupefaction. After long hours of discussions and interpretations of the rules, the core of the critical sector, have managed to force him out. By a large majority, they have imposed their idea that a special committee control the party until an extraordinary congress is held.

Throughout his appearance surprised by the high degree of astonishment showing activation levels with 100%, held virtually throughout his speech.

“That’s my word, that I gave to all militants” EXCITEMENT, WRATH. Fresh from the war in which he has been immersed, Sánchez is still angry about he not being able to assert his position.

“I have announced to the federal committee, the resignation of the federal executive committee and also my person as secretary general” ANGER, BETRAYAL, ANXIETY, EXCITEMENT

At the time naming the federal committee we can clearly see BETRAYAL. He is aware that he has suffered a coup and his face reflects that emotion to name it.

Just when appointing the resignation of the federal executive committee we see SORROW and PAIN. Logically he feels he has lost the battle and he is not pleasant go out the back door.

“So much it has happened, what has happened” GRIEF, DISGUST, ANNOYANCE. He is hurted by what happened and also annoyed at not being able to fight against critics.

From now on a period of great uncertainty for the game opens. The special committe now is led by Javier Fernandez, president of Asturias,  it shall show a new schedule of the next Federal Extraordinary Congress where the next socialist leader will appear. It has achieved a balance between representatives of the critical wing and the ruling. Ahead he has the arduous task not only driving a broken party, in an unprecedented situation in its history, but reach consensus on a possible investiture session of Mariano Rajoy.

Before the beheading of the socialist formation, it seems likely that the abstention of the 11 deputies who would need the PP candidate occurs. However, they might be possible to appoint a transitional leader who could overcome this situation of lawlessness and perhaps they make an approach to other political forces. As possibility is possible but highly unlikely.

In a party inevitably broken in two, the question of whether the traditional sector, has enough force and support for presenting to someone. The sector “pedrista” has lost the battle but not the war. The same Pedro Sánchez does not rule to be resubmitted at the Extraordinary Federal Congress.

It seems that peace is still far away.