Pedro Sánchez and Susana Díaz: indignation against coldness

After an intense election campaign, Pedro Sánchez has been re-elected general secretary of the PSOE by 50,2% of the votes. This ends the long career for the general secretary, that was triggered by the resignation of 17 members of the Federal Executive. At that time, in September 2016, Sanchez was forced to abandon leadership of the party.

Far from overcoming the internal crisis, an uncertain time began. The new secretary- general has before him a divided party. The history of the party that supported Susana Diaz should now be headed in a new direction.

Susana Diaz lacks emotion when talking about her defeat

The defeated of this electoral vote looked disappointed. Her emotional profile registers high values of neutrality, which means feeling a great deal of restraint and resignation towards the electoral result.

The emotional value of fear appears at a certain moment when the Andalusian President speaks on behalf of the “colleagues who represent this collective project” he pleads to “stand strong together” for the party.

Her adversaries and even some members of the old guard may begin to question a leadership that seemed incontestable.

Pedro Sanchez euphoric by the victory, showed indignant when talking about his opponents

For his part, Pedro Sánchez shows high levels of emotional activation, where happiness is the predominant emotion. Speaking of the party “united and heading for the Moncloa” Sánchez shows values like Freedom, Confidence, and Ecstasy. However, he shows the most remarkable high values of resentment and repulsion when talking about his partners and rivals in the primaries Patxi López and Susana Díaz.

It is surprising to see how negative emotions are emitted when it comes to militancy. When he is saying: “I am going to be the general secretary of all affiliates and affiliates of the Spanish Socialist Party” the levels of Sorrow, Confrontation and Aversion are soaring.

Indignation against coldness

This train wreck comes to an end. Two ways of understanding politics have passed. No one could imagine the final result.  Apparently, the socialists have denounced to the PSOE as always, betting by a turn to the left. We will see if the bodies of the party apparatus allow this transition to be sweet. Our Emotional Political Barometer will be attentive to everything that happens.