The paradoxical emotions of Trump on welcome Spain President

After first UN speech, this week we saw a torrent of paradoxical emotions of Trump. The reception for Spain´s President, Mariano Rajoy, was really charming. The main agenda in White House was about the issue of Spanish and the US friendship. Of course, Donald Trump talked about other issues.

Paradoxical emotions of Trump showed to Spanish diplomacy

Both Trump and Rajoy had been on the stage jointly. However, president Trump acts as a closed-box during the speech due to Trump’s more negative feelings on Spanish political issues.

The US president begins his speech by expressing in good intention towards the people of Spain. The emotion of DISGUST and REPULSION appear in “The United States and Spain are great friends and close allies“. His kind words and emotions do not go hand in hand well. It would be, he does still not see Spain as a friend yet or it might be that history rings a bell on Trump’s mind. On the hand, his face shows ECSTASY and SATISFACTION in “It’s a greatly admired country“. He confesses that the culture of Spain is not underestimated.

The message is with SERENITY as well as GLAD delivering “I want to assure the people of Spain that America stands with you in confronting this evil that threatens all of humanity”. Since what president Trump believes attacking one is also attacking the other(s) in the sense of NATO article 5, collective defense.

Trump’s face emotion turns to SATISFACTION along with both LOATHING and REPULSION, either by telling “We also thank the Spanish people for being…“. There is a coincidence basically because he is both happy and unhappy. In other words, he thanks, but emotions do not want to do so.

Emotions of SATISFACTION and REJECTION are observed through Trump’s message in “We thank Spain for its recent decision to expel its North Korean ambassador and for standing with us…“. Again and again, Mr. president is not straightforward by the side of Spain, conveying his thoughts in front of the both people and media.

Another part of Trump’s ideas starts with “Together, Spain and the United States hope for peace…“, showing emotions of HAPPINESS and DISGUST. He is again not supporting one side, good or bad in line with what Trump talks there. He is satisfied with the Spanish support but perhaps, he is a little bit disappointed for the international current situation. He´s thinking on it while speaking.

Another topic was Spain and the US economic ties where president Trump tells “…we support trade that benefits both Spain and the United States…“, showing together for SATISFACTION and DISGUST, as well. Trump likes to trade in line with money, but he may not want to trade with Spain or the Europe.

Lastly, Trump ends his word by saying “Mr. President, I look forward to working with you to build this future of prosperity and peace for both Spain and for the United States of America” within the sense of SATISFACTION and REPULSION. He felt a mixture of feelings one more time since the interpretation of his inside and outside is extremely hard. Because he may want to say best of the wishes publicly but he could not want to express his real thoughts front of the people.

As a result, Trump’s feelings towards Rajoy or rather the people of Spain is not easy to interpret in a one-way as he shows double emotions always in this speech, which is why it still remains unknown how the US and Spain relations are, but one thing would be exactly what the US or Trump try to keep his distance.

Writing team: Ismail Hakki Kutluhan