Panic of el Bronco with the entrance in the electoral ballot

Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, popularly known as “El Bronco”, will finally be on the ballot next July 1. After the provisional exclusion decreed by the INE, the Superior Chamber of the Electoral Court of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) has given the reason to the Governor of the State of Nuevo León. The disputed vote -4 votes in favor and 3 against- has been involved in controversy. In any case, it will be the third independent candidate after the acceptance of the signatures of Margarita Zavala and the incorporation ‘in extremis’ of Armando Ríos Piter. In a first message sent to the networks we see the PANIC of el Bronco and certain COWARD in a speech full of proclamations not to surrender.

The ruling indicates the violation of the right to a hearing as a key factor. The INE refused to review all of its signatures considered invalid. Likewise, it did not give him the opportunity to proceed with the defense of his signatures. Thus, it is argued that during the second phase of revision it managed to recover 8.2% of the signatures. However, he was prevented from reviewing a total of 418,000, so he only needed about 16,000 to be registered as a candidate. If this had occurred, the speakers claim that it would have exceeded the minimum number of signatures required, located at 866.593.

Finally, the acceptance to enter the ballot has been confirmed.


Panic of el Bronco and certain cowardice before the resolution of the TEPFJ

After the resolution of the TEPFJ, el Bronco uploaded a video to Facebook where it harangues its followers not to surrender. However, the PANIC and the COWARDICE flood a speech full of optimism and defense to the resistance. The incongruity between his words and emotions shows a complicated electoral situation for him.

His emotional pattern is full of FEAR as a clearly dominant primary emotion throughout his speech. Activation levels are tremendously high and sustained which confirms his emotional state.

He begins by stating “I’m not here to wear the presidential sash, I do not care, this is the beginning of a change from the root” full of PANIC. The polls place him in fifth place after the independent Margarita Zavala, which would leave him in a bad place. To deal with those bad omens, el Bronco remembers its victory in 2015 in the State of Nuevo León. He knows that the repetition of success is difficult and that is why negative emotions arise, even when he expresses “today I feel happy”

The candidate remembers that there are still 60 million Mexicans who have not decided their vote. This makes him hope for his possibilities. However, when he says “the impossible is possible” the COWARDICE fills his face.

At this point, it is claimed as independent. He is free from the ties of political parties and defends that he is not a puppet of anyone full of PANICHe believes that the change is in the hands of the “race”, whom he encourages to raise “Mexico bronco” with IRRITATION and ECSTASY.

El Bronco closes with PANIC calling the responsibility of the voters with a “you decide”.

We will see how the campaign develops and if el Bronco is able to mobilize the electorate improving current predictions.