Hillary Clinton’s panic for President Trump

Hillary Clinton’s courageous and democratic speech following the defeat in the United States presidential election contrasts with the panic reflected in the analysis of facial recognition of emotions.

Despite Hillary Clinton’s titanic effort to present her confident and trustworthy traditional image, the analysis identifies the moments of Hillary’s fears of what may be the next administration of Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton is the other side of the coin in the US elections. All the media supported her. The vast majority of world leaders relied on her victory. And yet, Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the US from next January 20th. Hillary Clinton’s PANIC and sadness could not be concealed.

To listen to the traditional concession speech we had to wait more than 12 hours since the results were known. However, Clinton communicated the same night of the election with Trump to congratulate him.

Clinton took the stage visibly touched and accompanied by her daughter, her team and her husband, former US President Bill Clinton. It was surely one of the most emotional speeches of her political career. And maybe the last of her career. Clinton has surely managed to lead more political positions than anyone in the United States. Her experience and preparation is undoubted. But it seems the country is not yet ready to see a woman in command of the White House.

Clinton appeared before the media first to congratulate Donald Trump on having won Americans’ trust. And she went beyond. She promised to help him in everything she can to solve the social fractures that have plunged the country. As Obama did, who promised to ease the change of government as eight years ago, George Bush did with him.

Hillary Clinton’s panic at her concession speech


She admitted that Donald Trump will be the President of all Americans and she shows PANIC and CONCERN that this produces on her. Same fear that the world seems to have to the tycoon if he fulfills all his electoral promises.

Negative emotions took control of Clinton’s message. Even several times she almost gave way to tears. But she continued in a firm, confident voice. These negative emotions were totally coherent. She has left everything in this campaign and, against all odds, her efforts have not been compensated. She began her speech admitting that she understood the disappointment of her voters, since it was the same one that she felt. And her emotions confirmed it. Clinton showed GRIEF, SHOCK, WRATH and DISCOMFORT by accepting it.

Clinton acknowledged that it will be a complicated time and she showed IRRITATION that the four predictable years that Trump is in the White House produce her. Despite showing her good intentions, Hillary was worried about the course that the country will take. She also had a moment to talk about her campaign and to thank those who accompanied her. At this point, however, Hillary displayed emotions such as PANIC, WRATH, or ANGER. It has not been an easy campaign for the Democrat candidate. She has had to deal with continuous broadsides on the part of her opponent. The same that now has taken away her greatest political dream.

Hillary Clinton’s PANIC was a constant throughout the concession speech. She spoke of the extreme division that exists in American society. And that has been reflected more than ever in these elections. And she showed that it is a subject that deeply concerns her. Next to the panic, it is observed the PERPLEXITY and the AMAZEMENT that it causes to her.

It was not an easy speech for Clinton. She has lost the opportunity she had been waiting for all her life. Even so, she did not lose hope, and encouraged all her followers to do not, becuase sooner rather than later, United States will be presided over by a woman.