Clinton’s panic before an irritated Trump

Negative emotions: prelude to a growing confrontation in the final stretch.

No candidate managed to take advantage of the debates.

Third and final debate before the US presidential election has left moments to remember. This debate, unlike the previous two, has been determined by Clinton panic before an irritated Trump.

Trump came to this debate touched again by the sex scandals surrounding him. All polls give Clinton for winning and she does not want to risk. That is how both candidates came to this debate, last one until next elections which will elect the successor to Barack Obama at the White House. Immigration, abortion, relations with Russia and the legal problems of both foundations have focused this debate where differences between the two candidates were magnified. This time there was no initial or final salute.

Trump, irritated with the press favoritism toward Clinton


Trump has not accustomed us to remain silent. Nor he did it this time. Besides remember back umpteenth scandals emails of his rival and reaffirm the construction of a wall between the US and Mexico to ward off the country to the “bad hombres” crossed out Clinton’s of “nasty”. And he went further. He accused the press of being “dishonest” and “poison the minds of the voters.” DEPRESSION, ENVY and FAULT accompanied his argument to that alleged favoritism to the Clinton family. Trump is envious. He is not the ideal candidate for the media and he does not hide his DISAPPOINTMENT and RAGE for that happening.

However, Trump is a candidate full of self-love. Republican leader went further and said that even with the efforts of the media, voters “are seeing through it”. Trump’s ARROGANCE at this time is consistent with his verbalization, but does not seem to believe in his victory. At least now it seems to be plotting an unusual strategy. Trump has threatened not to recognize the results if Clinton wins in November. Unprecedented in American democracy has always been based, after elections in “peaceful transition of power”. With Trump nothing is ordinary.

Clinton, full of panic, amazed with Putin’s support to Trump


Clinton’s panic before an irritated Trump with the press is due to her words to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Putin has said on several occasions that he prefers Trump in government. What is his reason for being in favor of the Republican candidate? For Clinton it is simple and so argued last night. Trump is “a puppet” of Putin. He countered by saying that Russian President “has proven to be much smarter than her”.

Clinton was absolutely consistent with the message she wanted to convey to the voters. PANIC and BETRAYAL to Trump to encourage Putin to spy on Americans, filled her message of consistency and engagement. AMAZEMENT also appeared on her face before these accusations against her rival. Clinton was perplexed that Trump does not condemn these acts, and even accept help from him.

Clinton accused the Russian government of interfering in American elections, clearly positioning himself on the side of Donald Trump and showed the RAGE, PANIC and GRIEF that it produces on her. Another issue that left the view that the two candidates are increasingly rivals.

Clinton continues to outstrip her opponent. Her emotions, but remain as negative as in the past discussion, promote the coherent and engaged message that she seeks to give. On the other hand, Trump continues his strategy, plagued with arrogance and irritation speech. Who will be the next president of USA? In 20 days we will know the answer.