Pablo Iglesias looks forward to the call of new elections in front of the stance of PSOE

Emotional analysis of the leader of Podemos after his meeting with Mariano Rajoy in the Palace of Moncloa.

    • “PSOE should stop making theatre”. Anger. Direct and convinced attack to PSOE, closing any opportunity of a possible agreement.
    • “Who rules in PSOE are the barons”. Betray/sadness in the same time as anger Iglesias shows a feeling of betray with the predominant emotion of sadness, due to the negative of Pedro Sánchez to accept the condition of a referendum in Catalonia for reach an agreement to govern.
    • “Who rules in that party is not the chief of staff”: Indignation. Again a direct attack to Pedro Sánchez with the same sense as in the prior statement.
    • “The unit of Spain is protected understanding plurinationalism”. Fault. This stance is a wink to “En Comú” paving the way for the next catalan elections, given its results in the national elections (they were the second most voted). His fault shows that more than a ideological conviction could be a new strategy.
    • “New elections where voters can participate” Happiness. His facial microexpression is obvious in this point. Pablo Iglesias thinks that the most beneficial to his party is run in other national elections.