The overflowing wrath of Cameron after Brexit referendum

Brexit is already a reality. UK is not part of the European Union anymore. This was decided by British yesterday in a historic referendum with a participation of more than 70% where they settled for 51.9% of votes that UK will no longer be linked to the European Union. It took months to prepare this significant vote and because of its result, has aroused the overflowing wrath of Cameron after Brexit referendum, examined by Emotion Research LAB.

This morning, after knowing the decision, markets have dawned with a historic market crash that took place both the European Union and United Kingdom in a challenge that, from now, they will face separately.

Statements from world leaders have been expected. French Government, with Hollande at the head, has claimed that UK output is fast; Mariano Rajoy, President of Spain in office has tried to reassure thousands of Spaniards who currently live in the UK and Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, she said this was “a turning point for Europe”. However, the most expected appearance was that of David Cameron, British prime minister that was always in favor of “Remain“.

The overflowing wrath of Cameron after Brexit referendum

At 10 Downing Street, Cameron has appeared visibly sad announcing his resignation in October in a full speech of WRATH and low security and self-control levels in his appearance. Cameron showed DISAPPOINTED speaking of the “British people” which has made this decision. It is consistent because he always defended Great Britain in the European Union, something that ultimately will not happen. IRRITATION, ASTONISHMENT, DISAPPOINTMENT and GRIEF are emotions with which he opened his speech, making a glimpse of his disagreement with the population, despite acknowledging that “it must be respected”. British Prime Minister has tried to keep calm to the markets knowing that the fall of the pound would be imminent, but he has not achieved that his emotions were consistent with his message; while he is claiming that “British economy is strong” INDIGNATION and CONFRONTATION wrapped his message in an obvious incongruity.

NUISANCE transmitting while he is saying  “a different way”, again could move his nonconformity and disappointment at the outcome of the historic referendum that he accepted to carry out, as happened when this same fastidious emotion appeared on his face as he declared himself as still “Prime Minister”. Cameron has resigned in the same appearance and announced that his decision will be valid from next October as in his own words, “I do not think it will be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination” . In the latter revealing phrase of his resignation speech, David Cameron again transmitted WRATH and NUISANCE in his words, which decreased his levels of self-control.

Cameron said there it is not necessary “a clear timetable” for carrying out his resignation but this intent to calm population failed because of the CONCERN that he transmitted, precluded any shred of produce tranquility on the population.

With this decision made by the British, all member countries of the European Union have been harmed. Nobody knows exactly what will happen and a new way for the Union opens from now. A way that hopefully will be beneficial for both the British in their new status, and countries who continue to believe in the model of the European Union.