Satisfied Ortega to win again Nicaragua’s elections

No one dared to predict the opposite thing. A satisfied Ortega returned to win Nicaragua’s elections. This time with his wife, Rosario Murillo, as Vice President. 72% of the vote gives them this victory. Three consecutive mandates and with a high percentage of favoritism towards the “sandinista” candidate. Opposition spoke throughout the day of the triumph of abstention. However, Ortega’s related reports from the institutions that participation exceeded 65%.

Facial emotion recognition technique in which is based Emotion Research Lab shows a satisfied Ortega winning again this election. Ortega’s aim is legitimize his mandate that from Europe and other international institutions, it is continually questioned. His model of authoritarian system is based, since his election in 2007, in a partnership with the business sector, exclusion of opposition, harassment of the independent press and total control of all state institutions.

Ortega and continuity

Everything looks set to continue in the same way. No one in the country, not from outside, expected Ortega to reform his government toward a more democratic one. Next five years of Daniel Ortega seems to be more of the same. He amended the constitution to be re-elected five years. Nothing prevents him from taking power. He will do anything to get it.

It is especially poorest Nicaraguans who vote and those who trust in him. His social policies have given them a roof and sometimes a job and that’s enough for them. In a country where almost 50% of the population lives below the poverty line, this is enough.

37 years ago as a guerrilla manager he rid Nicaragua from the Somoza’s dictatorship. However, now is he and his family which is attached to the presidency with techniques, at least, doubtful.