Oddities. They show a Hillary without political front

August 16th 2016.-

Spontaneity of a situation shows a Hillary Clinton with her direct emotions before the surprise reaction  in the presence of media.

With the help of facial emotion recognition software of EMOTION RESEARCH LAB it can identify a mixture of Hillary Clinton’s emotions in just few seconds, as opposed to a Democratic candidate who aspires to the presidency of the United States that always shows a good level of control and management of her emotions, that finally reveals her human nature during an unexpected situation.

Emotion Research Lab‘s analysis generate value-added information regarding the profile of a candidate in any circumstances.

Oddities. Muestran una Hillary sin coraza política

Picture credit: (CBS News www.cbs.com)

Recently we have seen a Hillary Clinton that in unexpected situations let see her human nature. We have seen her curious reaction before the crowd of journalists trying to ask her many questions at the same time in an event. She shows AWE, RAGE, INTEREST and AMAZED and tries to avoid them; an attitude that shows little proximity to the media.

During the end of the Democratic convention, that made official Hillary Clinton’s nomination as a candidate for the White House, some balloons filled the stage where Hillary and Bill Clinton greeted the attendees and AMAZED and PANIC of the candidate became viral.

Democratic candidate offered a meeting when she was blocked before, apparently, the appearance of some individuals who were trying to rebuke her. Clinton was aware of this blockade and showed, unable to say a word and following the advice of members of security to continue talking, some emotions such as ANGER, ANNOYANCE, ASTONISHMENT, IRRITATION, DISGUST, DISAGREEMENT and AGGRESSION in a context where the debate on Hillary’s health is a hot issue.

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