Obama says goodbye of his presidency with an emotional speech

Barack Obama says goodbye to the world with a speech that has touched everyone. It was in Chicago, the city where he moved as a young man. A city that has supported him in key moments of his career. In a full of optimism speech and warning of the dangers that haunt United States and the world, Obama says goodbye to eight years of government away from the scandals. To make way for a totally scandalous man, Donald Trump. However, Obama did not want to mention Trump once. He preferred to speak to the activists, people who supported him, young people, immigrants and his family.

Obama did not address the future US President directly, but he did urge Americans to participate in politics and to take care of democracy. A democracy that is being threatened. Despite being a social and political speech, climax came when Barack Obama addressed his wife, Michelle Obama. Barack Obama could not hide his tears and thanked her for being at his side these eight years. Words to his wife were of love and gratitude. However, his emotions were mostly negative. Obama was sad and that was remarkable. But ACCEPTANCE, PRIDE, TRUST and JOY addressing her were also on his face.

Obama says goodbye with his optimistic spirit

Although United States faces a predictable convulsive years, Obama did not want to transmit negativity to American citizens. He affirmed that US is better than ever. And so must follow. ‘It has been the greatest pleasure of my life to serve you’. This phrase showed TRUST and OPTIMISM in Barack Obama. Serving American people for eight years has filled him with pride and he told it to his compatriots. Still President of the United States was consistent with his words while urging them not to remain silent. To participate in democracy and public life. He asked them to believe. Believe in their ability to change things. This positive message, as he already did in the campaign of 2008, was still more credible when analyzing the emotions that he emitted to the citizens. ACCEPTANCE, SATISFACTION and DELIGHT.

His final message could not end otherwise. ‘Yes, we can’ that elevated him as the first black President of the United States resonated again in his mouth. Full of CONFIDENCE, SATISFACTION and SERENITY. Barack Obama has not been able to do in these eight years of mandate everything he wanted. But he has definitely changed Americans and provided them with confidence and optimism that we hope will not be lost.