Obama’s resentment vs Trump’s ecstasy at White House

Trump’s appearance at the White House continues to clash three days after the presidential election. Donald Trump met in the Oval Office for over an hour with Barack Obama. Contrary to custom in the campaign, and as he did in his subsequent speech to be elected President, Trump handled a measured and conciliatory message. And after all the broadsides he has thrown Obama, yesterday even called him “a very good man”.

For their part, both Barack and Michelle Obama communicated to the media that they will facilitate the transition of power for the good of the country.

However, as always, emotions carry us another message. Trump is deeply happy to face this new challenge. He has won the election against all odds and he is stronger and more confident than ever. This was demonstrated by the ECTASY that reveal his facial microexpression in what will be his new home from January. On the other hand, Barack Obama tried to be as serene as he has been during his years at the head of the United States. But it’s a tough time for him. As for all American Democrats. No one expected Hillary Clinton to lose these elections. And now he meets the Republican leader, a xenophobic and misogynist man in charge of the country. Obama’s RESENTMENT is absolutely consistent. Throughout the campaign, Trump has uttered him constant insults. And now, moreover, he threatens to dismantle all his progressive legacy. It was not the longed-for visit to Barack Obama.

Trump’s plans at White House

Although the messages that Donald Trump has thrown at the media after winning the election are more moderate than they were during the election campaign, it seems that Trump will remove the progressive advances that Obama has built in his eight years in the power.

Everything indicates that ‘Obama care’ will be his first victim. And it will be easy. Republicans have a majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Although the party is divided by Trump’s leadership, surely his measures will not be rejected. But this will not be the only measure that will be suppressed. Critical measures such as free trade agreements, fight against climate change, or illegal immigrants residing in the United States are also in serious danger.

Both Obama and Trump tried to give an image of serenity and conciliation for the transfer of powers. What is not so clear is whether this conciliatory image will continue throughout the tycoon’s term.