Obama’s amazement on his visit to Spain

A President of United States came to Spain after fifteen years without any US president did it. It was a quick visit, less than a day, because of the massacre last week ravaged Dallas. Barack Obama met with the acting President, with the King of Spain and the leaders of the main political parties in the country. That visit was used to highlight the good relations that should exist between US and Spain, especially on defense issues and from Emotion Research Lab we have discovered Obama’s AMAZEMENT on this visit that return to him so many good memories of youth.

President of United States, who is at the end of his term, was received at his arrival aboard the impressive Air Force One by the King of Spain, Felipe VI, Vice President of the acting government, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría and US ambassador in Spain, James Costos. At Royal Palace, where he was received with full honors, he appeared before the media to express his pleasure at being in Spain, despite having been forced to shorten their trip.

Obama’s amazement on his visit to Spain

Barack Obama, got used to giving tremendously emotional and personal speeches, did not make something different in his meeting with Felipe VI. US president recalled his previous years to University and his trip to Spain. Obama’s AMAZEMENT was remarkable as he recounted his days in Madrid and when he call himself as “backpacker” in a melancholy gesture, he showed his EXCITEMENT to those days, but also, perhaps while memories passed through his head, showed ECSTASY and DISTRUST. He increased his levels of satisfaction when he confessed that he “would never imagined” being received years later by the King of Spain, where he showed his DELIGHT and EXCITEMENT at the time he was living. It is remarkable negative emotions that transmits his gratitude to the kings by the “hospitality” received, emotions such as PANIC, GRIEF or ANXIETY, so Obama is not credible in this issue.

After that meeting, Obama, who will leave White House next January, went to Moncloa Palace to briefly meet with Mariano Rajoy, acting President, so the weather was, to say the least, curious. Both emphasized that relations between the two countries should remain stable, no matter what happens in the coming months in the Spanish political landscape. President of the United States met with members of the US embassy before travel to Rota, where he was greeted with cheers and applauses by US and Spanish troops and highlighted Spain as “one of the greatest allies” of his country in Europe and he stressed the need for Spain to be a “strong and unified” country.

Meetings with the other three political leaders of the main parties in the country were shorter than it was expected. Albert Rivera, Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias, who gave Obama a book about the Lincoln Brigade, had only ten minutes to meet with the President but all of them emphasized his happiness for it.

Obama’s visit to our country has been short but intense. Bilateral relations between US and Spain are on track and after years of tense links between the administrations of both countries for various reasons, it is expected that this good relationship is maintained no matter what happens in the coming months in the United States or in Spain.