Meetings, once again, of the candidates with Felipe VI

Spain is once away blocked up. It appears that the second elections in 6 months are not going a solution. The question is, are we getting down in a third election? Meetings, once again, of the candidates with Felipe VI. The four main parties have had a meeting with the King Felipe VI. Meanwhile, Rajoy has accept to be submitted to the investiture session.

Thursday was the torn of the parties that achieve the most support the last 26 june, the day of the last Spanish general election. Nobody has change their attitude, after the meeting with the King. Ciudadanos will abstain. Podemos and PSOE will continue voting no to Rajoy. So Popular Party needs to continue searching for support. Effectively, nothing has changed.

Meetings, once again, of the candidates with Felipe VI

Albert Rivera’s sorrow

Albert Rivera was the first of the four main candidates having the meeting with Felipe VI. Albert Rivera try it by different ways. In the past elections of 20 december, Rivera get closer to PSOE and now to PP. But his support did not be never crucial. The leader of Ciudadanos expres SADNESS during his meeting with the King, a coherent emotion and congruent with his message. Albert Rivera is sad because of the situation of institutional lock. Nevertheless, he has a high level of neutrality, is Rivera as worried as he explains?

Pablo Iglesias’ ecstasy

Podemos leader with a high level of trust and comitment. Iglesias delegated in Pedro Sánzhez the decision to achieve a left government in Spain. He says that he did all the posible. After his meeting with the King, he pressed Pedro Sánchez but PSOE doesn’t believe on this as an option.

Pedro Sánchez and his neutrality

Pedro Sánchez shows a pasive mood during the meeting with the King. He doesn’t register emotions and the neutrality is the main reaction in his face. PSOE reaffirmed his decision of not to vote to Mariano Rajoy, neither with the abstention. Even he let an opened door to present himself to a second posible investiture sesion. Sanchez doesn’t show a special motivation with the actual situation, so we can see his low comintment.

Mariano Rajoy is more than happy

Acting Primer Minister is relaxed. The ECSTASY during his meeting with the King shows it. Even Rajoy doesn’t have an easy scene, he is minded to searching the support. He knows that he has the Ciudadanos abstention, altough it is not enough to govern. After the meeting, he accepts the assignment to be present in the investiture session. However, everything seems to indicate that this session will be failed. Since this week, he continue to negotiate the support of PSOE and Ciudadanos.

In the next days, candidates will come back once again to the Parliament to try to unlock the situation. Anything seems to indicate that they achieve it, at least by the moment. In Emotion Research Lab, we will be attending the next news.