Mas persists with desesperation in the institutional blockade

The caretaker president of the government of Catalonia, Artur Mas, persists with desesperation inthe institutional blockade.

    • “I’m not goin to sign until the 11th”: Fear
    • “The decision of the CUP doesn’t make impossible start the mandate” Desesperation/Sadness (In this point we would say that Mas shows himself hopeless in front of the possibility of achieve the presidency of the government of Catalonia).
    • “JxSI can’t make more offers”: Consternation; “ (to the question if the independetism will lose power in front of the call to a new elections…)
    • “We have time until Monday for the investiture”: Desesperation (his hace doesn’t go with his statements, Mas should stop considerating the presidency of the government of Catalonia if he doen’t want to change the candidate of the party.