Mariano Rajoy shows betrayal against secessionist challenge

Mariano Rajoy shows betrayal as a predominant emotion against secessionist challenge after the investiture ceremony of the new President of the Government of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont. Speaking at the Moncloa Palace he referred to the position that his caretaker government is going to take.

Emotional analysis

The predominant emotions in the whole speech are sadness and betrayal, therefore his words are consistent with the concerning message that he transmits.

  • “Any action that may be taken by the new government of Catalonia, its President, its Parliament or any institution involving the violation of the Constitution and the Law, will be responded by the State of Law to defend democracy and legislation “: SADNESS and BETRAYAL: These emotions are consistent with this statement, because Mariano Rajoy is contrary to the Spanish State breakup that continues to be promoted from the Catalan institutions, and his government is not going to allow it.
  • New government of Catalonia”: INTRIGUE, perhaps because the way that the new President was invested, suddenly and unexpectedly, or due to the mixture of political parties that form the government with very different proposals and their only common point of seeking Catalonia’s independence.
  • “Legal system, institution, Constitution, Law” ARROGANCE, are words related to the democratic mechanisms established.
  • “Spaniards can be calm” SADNESS. He is not too consistent with his words. He may think highly probable that Catalans will use all procedures, even illegal, as they have already shown, to achieve the independence of Catalonia, influencing all spaniards.
  • “I will not allow anyone to arrogate unlimited powers” SADNESS.
  • “I will not allow” ARROGANCE.