A loathed Trump is officially candidate for the White House


Officially there is Republican candidate to lead the White House. Donald J. Trump is the chosen one. After a full of controversy convention as plagiarism speech of his wife, Melania Trump, New York billionaire has achieved his goal. A loathed Trump wrote again a full of anger and aggression speech.

Presented by his daughter Ivanka, Trump came on stage as going to a ring of combat. In his speech he treated his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, as corrupt and inefficient leader. He also repeated the slogans that have led him to be the candidate of all american Republicans. He reaffirmed, cheered by the audience, his controversial proposal to build a wall along the border with México. Trump was the one we all know.

New York business man moved to attendees the idea that he is ‘law and order’. No one else can lift America from the chaos. His incendiary speech left no one indifferent. “This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton: death, destruction and weakness” were the toughest words of Trump to his political rival.

A loathed Trump is officially candidate for the White House

LOATHING of Republican leader is absolutely consistent with his ideas, his speeches and his image. Although in recent days with his wife’s speech, it has tried to soften his image, he has been commissioned to show his essence. Donald Trump does not have a moderate speech and perhaps, that is why he becomes here.

Coming months present theirselves tense in US elections. Trump and Clinton are willing to do everything in their power to get to the White House. Presidential campaign aims to be the most controversial in recent years. From Emotion Research Lab look forward to the next events that will change the course of the United States and the world.