Lasso feels betrayed by his defeat in the Ecuadorian elections

Lasso refuses to accept the results of the Ecuadorian elections that put him with a 48.84% of the votes compared to 51.16% obtained by Lenin Moreno with a 99.46% scrutiny.

Guillermo Lasso demands a new recount of votes

The center-right candidate has openly declared that a Moreno government would be “illegitimate” and has challenged the outcome before the Organization of American States (OAS) for what he considers “fraudulent claims.”

The OAS endorsed the results on Monday and acknowledged Lenin’s victory. They added that “at the time of closure, delegates from the two political organizations were present at almost all the polling stations, who were given a copy of the minutes at the end of the vote”

Despite this, Lasso maintains an attitude of denunciation also in its social networks in which he published the same Monday that, “it is only in the hands of the OAS to avoid the fraud and to save the democracy in Ecuador”

Lasso feels betrayed and fearful

The opposition leader feels BETRAYED because of the results. The dominant primary emotions are SADNESS (40%) and FEAR (38%) in a second round that placed Lenin as a favorite. A 91% activation where the negative emotions are clearly dominant, stating the candidate’s concern.

Meanwhile, Lenin Moreno addresses his speeches to the Ecuadorian people accompanied by Correa who did not hesitate to make statements about what happened, “the right defeated, despite its millions and its press.”

Facing the victory obtained by Alianza País, his candidate shows ECSTASY to feel the support and the confidence of those who have chosen him as President of the Republic.

The new president will focus his government plan on access to education, the creation of housing of social interest for the population at risk and the fight against violence and drug trafficking.

Proposals according to the concept of “socialism of the XXI century” that he defends along with other South American countries like Venezuela or Bolivia.