Emotions of investiture’s second session

On March 1,  Emotion Research Lab analyzes emotions of candidates in the first session of investiture in which it was important the INDIGNATION of Pedro Sánchez in his inaugural speech or BETRAYAL showed that Alberto Garzón felt towards the pact PSOE-Ciudadanos which they abruptly closed last week . Ciudadanos spokesman was CONSTERNATED and showed PP’s spokesman, Rafael Hernando, INDIGNATED by the situation. Pablo Iglesias was the one who was more blunt in his statements expressing HATE at the exit of the Congress.

 A day later, deputies returned to the benches to argue their vote for or against the candidate for Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez.

Second investiture session lasted more than ten hours and they were anecdotal moments, like the kiss of Pablo Iglesias and Xavier Domènech, from Podemos and tense moments as the disqualification of Igesias to Felipe González and his relationship with the GAL lived when he accused him of having “last spotted quicklime”. There were also emotional and exciting moments from Emotion Research Lab observe and we want to analyze the emotions of investitutre’s second session.

As it was anticipated, Socialist leader was not invest as president. He only got 130 votes (those of PSOE and Ciudadanos), far from the 176 that would have been necessary.

Emotions of investiture’s second session

Pedro Sánchez’s betrayal

Crossings between Pedro Sanchez and other parties were present throughout the day but were especially hard those uttered with Pablo Iglesias. In this part of his speech, Socialist leader accused the deputies of Podemos of not support their investiture and, therefore, not want that a government is formed in Spain when 73 days have passed since general elections. Facial emotions analysis shows Pedro Sánchez’s BETRAYAL when he addressed Podemos. His emotions are very consistent with his verbalization since Sánchez has been trying for weeks to agree with the “forces of change” and only has won the support of Ciudadanos and the increasingly distance with Podemos. This emotion is also mixed with INDIGNATION, CONSTERNATION or ENFADO Sánchez manifested in this situation.

Mariano Rajoy’s arrogance

Current acting president attended the investiture session after having declined the offer of Felipe VI to be invested President. Rajoy made ​​use of allusions shift, for which he was reprimanded by Patxi Lopez, addressing Albert Rivera. In this part he showed ARROGANCE speaking of elections won by PP. Rajoy is consistent with his verbalization because he feels satisfied to have won the elections despite having no absolute majority, he would not have been Prime Minister of Spain for the second consecutive term. In addition, the popular leader also expressed BETRAYAL and SADNESS referring to the investiture of Pedro Sánchez by his party voted against Wednesday.

Pablo Iglesias’ consternation

Pablo Iglesias built a speech full of strength and approaches it to the working class where he paraphrased left symbols as the founder of the PSOE, namesake Pablo Iglesias. In this fragment of his speech, Iglesias repeatedly denied that Podemos were to vote in favor of the investiture of Sánchez or in favor of the pact that the Socialist Party has signed with Ciudadanos. Pablo Iglesias said that this pact was made “to suit the oligarchies” . CONSTERNATION was the key emotion revealed by Pablo Iglesias at this point in his speech, a combination of surprise and fear. INDIGNATION striking showing in addressing PSOE and remind them that they have chosen to agree with Ciudadanos, and not with them, who at the beginning of the campaign identified as “new generations of the Popular Party.”

 Albert Rivera’s indignation

Albert Rivera made ​​in this session of investiture the most emotional speech of which were granted at Congress. His party, along with PSOE, was the one who had signed the pact of government with Pedro Sanchez and the only one who would vote in favor of this investiture. Tranquility that gave him this position given by events, gave his speech an absolute consistency. INDIGNATION and CONSTERNATION were the axis of the speech when he spoke about the past and the reforms and changes that want to lead at Congress. HATE shown in “we did not come here for everything to continue as always” or “some of you never wanted” shows the rejection of the leader of Ciudadanos to the old politics and ARROGANCE in “I’m proud of it” shows his delight to the changes that have now taken place in the formation of Congress with hundreds of new members of the new parties as Ciudadanos or Podemos.

Alberto Garzón’s betrayal

As in the appearance of pressafter the first session of investiture, the emotions of investiture’s second session of Alberto Garzón shows again BETRAYAL towards the PSOE and the “economic liberal agreement” that it has signed with Ciudadanos. Yyoung deputy is conclusive in speaking of “taking the economy to Albert Rivera” showing a mixture of HATE, combination of anger and disgust, and ARROGANCE, combination of anger and happiness, indicating the indignation that this situation gives him seeing farther away the great left pact thatweeks ago had high chances to take place.

Nex Friday third session of investiturewill be held, where Pedro Sanchez will have a new opportunity to be invested if he gets a simple majority of Congress. We will continue to watch for the coming months, since it appears that even in this case Sanchez does not achieve enough support.