Emotions of endowment´s first session

First session of investiture’s debate will continue until next Friday and it began with the inaugural speech of the Secretary General of PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, to be invested as President of the Government for the next four years. Ciudadanos is the only party that has supported him signing the agreement signed by Sánchez and Rivera last week. With the following analysis based on facial emotions recognition, Emotion Research Lab shows the emotions of endowmet’s first session. Congress President, Patxi Lopez, called the plenary session to start on Tuesday, March 1, at 16.30, with the intervention of Sánchez with no time limit.

Emotions of endowment’s first session

Pedro Sánchez’s indignation

PM candidate’s speech was extensive and unemotional. In it he repeatedly thanked Ciudadanos aside the red lines and sign a pact of state, and called Podemos to give in and join this pact. Predominant emotion in this part of the speech by Pedro Sanchez was the INDIGNATION, combination of surprise and anger when urged deputies to vote in favor of a government  of change and not of a Mariano Rajoy’s one again.

Alberto Garzón’s betrayal

Alberto Garzón, deputy of IU- IP, appeared before the media after the inaugural speech of Pedro Sánchez to convey an “absolutely clear no” to vote positively the investiture of the socialist leader. BETRAYAL Garzón expressed is consistent since he has been one of the key players in the past few weeks when everything that a great deal of lefts was close to govern Spain in coalition and really feel perjured by Sánchez because he was strucking up conversations with them and parallel signing a pact with Ciudadanos.

Pablo Iglesias’ hate

Podemos’ leader appears at the exit of the Congress of Deputies to receive the media that  were waiting him to declare he will vote against the PSOE-Ciudadanos pact because it seems “more of the same thing”. HATE expressed by Iglesias is consistent with his verbalization and indicates aversion he feels toward the pact that Wednesday and Friday they won’t vote favorably at  Congress.

 Juan Carlos Girauta’s consternation

Ciudadanos’ spokesman at Congress appeared before the media to express the conformity of his group with that covenant weeks was signed back by the socialist group and he hopes that all formations wanting a “reformer and regenerating” government  will support . However , this causes CONSTERNATION since even this is the most logical thing for him,  everything indicates that this pact will not come to fruition.

 Rafael Hernando’s indignation

PP’s spokesman refuted the press that PP will not vote in favor of the investiture of Pedro Sanchez as President of the Government on Wednesday or Friday, which emphasized showing his INDIGNATION to the idea that the socialist leader “is not going to get the investiture”.

Investiture sessions will continue in the coming days and from Emotion Research Lab will continue to analyze the emotions of our politicians in speeches and appearances that are expected intense and emotional.