Rajoy ‘s indifference to new elections

Mariano Rajoy has come to Brussels where the prime ministers of member countries of the European Union gather for a European Summit exclusively dedicated to the UK Brexit They will try to determine the future of the UK in the EU that, in one way or another , will eventually affect all european countries. However, there are not his talks that are monopolizing the news, but informal conversation he had with David Cameron and  which Rajoy reveals his indifference to new elections in our country in June.

During this conversation, Mariano Rajoy through an interpreter, spoke with the british Prime Minister and he has confessed that the investiture session scheduled in March to form a government promoved by Pedro Sánchez was not fruitful. In exact words, Mariano Rajoy has said “we have investiture session in March but I think it will not come out.” Moreover, both Prime Ministers have joked about the possibility that the referendum in which the British decide their stay or not in the European Union and possible spanish general elections will be the same day: June 26, 2016. The same conversation have also been held with other european leaders as the prime minister of Estonia, Taavi Roivas and Rajoy was clear to the possibility that the elections will be repeated in a few months.

Rajoy’s indifference to new elections

Emotional facial recognition analysis of Emotion Research Lab indicates the apparent indifference that Mariano Rajoy has shown in his conversation with Cameron and where he said that “It is most likely that we have elections on June 26, most likely”. Mix of disgust and fear mark this Rajoy’s INDIFFERENCE and it is consistent with the current spanish situation where is the PSOE which leads  negotiations to form a government and where no political party keeps Rajoy in mind. So Rajoy only can rely on new elections where regain his lost power. Moreover, recent surveys, although do not give PP an absolute majority, they would give more votes than they did in the general election of 2o-D.

Rajoy would be comfortable with a possible repetition of elections in June that would give them more votes and the likely possibility of channeling new negotiations to form a government for Spain.