Javier Fernández disapproves Mariano Rajoy

On the occasion of the celebration of Día de la Hispanidad in Madrid, the traditional military parade occurs. Under rainy weather and as usual, all representatives of the main political parties were there. Except for Pablo Iglesias, who together with their political party, considers the act as “superfluous and hypocritical”.

Many were the gestures that left us this parade. From Susana Díaz and Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría’s selfie,Miguel Ángel Revilla’s raincoat, umbrella Cristina Cifuentes’s umbrella, the absence of one that would protect Rajoy or the meeting between the leader of the Committee of the PSOE and the former president.

Meeting between Rajoy and Fernández

Aware of media and internal pressure he is under, leader of the socialist Committee was worried and tense throughout the entire parade. And it showed what was already an open secret. Javier Fernández disapproves Mariano Rajoy. His emotions expose his unwillingness to share or participate in the investiture of Rajoy. But he is also conscious that his figure is not relevant to PSOE. It was a visibly overwhelmed Fernández by the resulting media effects of his leadership. Fernández will have to wait until the end of this month when the Federal Committee will have a meeting to hear the views of his party.

Whatever the socialist verdict, Fernández is concerned and nervous. Similarly, and according to what the media says, he is reflected as inconsistent and hesitant: “I have the feeling that they understand me more outside than inside.” Is he referring to PP? Nobody would agree to what his emotions show us. Disapproval to Rajoy does not fit with this possible understanding. Perhaps to other political formations? What seems clear is that Fernández is in a difficult and uncomfortable position.