Investiture’s emotions reflect Spain’s situation

Spanish politicians will hold six investiture sessions since the 20-D elections. But that has not prevented they continued throwing things at the head, which has been noticed in the investiture’s emotions, more substantial than at other times. This time, the jokes have been by all and for all. No one has been spared. Candidates left formality aside for a few moments to show their witty side. Even at times, perhaps with a more ordinary than would be expected in a Congress tone.

There were tense moments, as when some Podemos’ members decided to leave the Chamber for a few minutes or the words between Iglesias and Rivera which ended with the words, very commented, of Ciudadanos’ leader to his colleague. Or Hernando’s justifications to abstain in the vote tomorrow. This investiture session gave a lot.

From PSOE’s grief to PP’s rage


Candidate for Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, has been quiet during all investiture’s sessions that have taken place during this year. As several candidates have reminded him, having won two general elections, but without an absolute majority, he has managed to go to be invested without making too much noise. Division in PSOE party has come to him like a glove. He will be President of the Government and it will be a divided PSOE in the opposition. Unbeatable location for his investiture. However, while thanking the parties that favor his candidacy, voting ‘yes’ or abstain, Rajoy conveyed GRIEF and even sometimes RAGE. They have been long months and that has undermined his emotional state. But it seems that he has been achieved it and he will be again President.



PSOE can not hide its internal divisions. Cameras were waiting anxiously the arrival of Pedro Sánchez at the hemicycle. It was the first time he was shown in public after his resignation. But the real reaction that it is looking for him, will be this Saturday. What will Sánchez do? Will he abstain or remain in the ‘no’ to Rajoy? Or he will relinquish his deputy act? For now, Antonio Hernando was asked to justify to the Congress PSOE’s abstention. He has to endure all kinds of criticisms, especially of the left parties. Hernando argued the decision by the Socialist Committee as an abstention thinking about the future of Spain. Third elections wer not an option for PSOE. These third elections filled Hernando de RAGE. Along with the RAGE, IRRITATION, DISAPPOINTMENT and DISGUST are denoting what is an obvious remark. PSOE is not in a comfortable position and knows the difficulty that’s going on.

Astonishment of the new parties


Pablo Iglesias has returned to his essence. In the first vote for the investiture session he refers to some deputies as “potential criminals”. The boos came quickly. He showed PANIC and ASTONISHMENT before the deputies to defend the mobilisations that Podemos defend that are held around the Congress. Anger’ strategy Pablo Iglesias used, benefited him on his way to the Congress of Deputies. When he stopped using it, he lost almost a million votes. And now he has returned to it. He knows how to mobilize their voters and the masses and, again, he is implementing it.



Meanwhile, Albert Rivera, before the outburst that launched to Iglesias, addressed to the deputies  with a message full of ASTONISHMENT. Ciudadanos already made his decision to vote in favor of the candidacy of Mariano Rajoy to be President of the government months ago after signing a pact with PP. Rivera argued his vote for ensuring that Spain needs a government, and that although it is not that they wish, is the only solution that does not lead to a third election.

Saturday afternoon will take place the second investiture session vote. Mariano Rajoy will be invest President and Spain will not be focus to a third election. Institutional unblocking is almost a fact.