Inés Arrimadas fears the call of new elections

Emotional analysis of Inés Arrimadas statements (Ciudadanos) about the catalonian institutional deadlock.

– “Mr. Mas decided to continue generating an uncertainty situation”: CONSTERNATION –> Her fear and surprise are evident at the institutional deadlock living Catalonia, why Ciudadanos, who finished second in number of votes in the last elections , is seeing prevented when undertaking reforms, in addition that its loss votes compared to those obtained in the Catalan regional elections will be more difficult if these reforms are taken in the new call for elections in March 2016.

“Until now, Mr. Mas has no support ”:FEAR -> C’s knows that the latest barometer indicates its possible decline in the next Catalan elections will produce the vertigo that Arrimadas shows in her face, despite the CUP did not support the investiture of Mas , knowing that the rivalry that Catalunya Sí Que Es Pot can make it low the unexpected position he achieved in the last regional elections.

– “An antisystem party ”: HATE – > The position of C’s confrontation with pro-independence options is consistently expressed in the facial expression of the deputy.

– “… In order to save his political career” (referring to Mr. Mas ): BETRAYAL -> Betrayal adds to hate, with this feeling, Arrimadas showed empathy with the betrayal felt by other catalonian people to Artur Mas, whose strategy is starting to be unstable given the disintegration of CiU and other disparate ideology as ERC that just share with them their independent vision.

– ‘ ‘ Ciudadanos will drive a new electoral law ”: FAULT -> Insecurity of Inés Arrimadas when she expresses the measures they want to carry out, knowing that the new election results on March could stop carry out these reforms is evident in her face. She is not convince and she can not avoid dishonesty she feels and she demonstrates with the fault that she shows at this point.

-“Ciudadanos promote a public administration reform”: DELIGHT -> There are other proposals which she seems sure she could perform.

– “We want reforms in Spain”: MELANCHOLY -> His face shows that their role could be referred to mere declarations of intent with little chance of coming true.

– “Reform the Autonomous Communities financing system ”: ARROGANCE -> This, together with the public administration reform is another point in its program which gives them more security before the citizens.