Iglesias consternation after Sánchez’s meeting

Spanish political parties have used the first two months they have to unlock the investiture and avoid repetition of the elections, which automatically convened on May 2nd if by then there is no president. After the failure of Pedro Sánchez’s investiture and a period of standstill in negotiations, Pablo Iglesias has met again with the PSOE’s leader at the Congress of Deputies, with the aim of resuming negotiations and bring positions ahead a possible agreement between both parties. From Emotion Research Lab, it has observed Iglesias consternation after Sánchez’s meeting.

Using facial emotion recognition technique we observe consternation and indignation are emotions prevailing during the speech. These emotions are a result of background position in which Pedro Sánchez has left Pablo Iglesias, since he opted for Albert Rivera‘s support for a future government pact. After the agreement between Ciudadanos and PSOE has failed in Parliament, Pedro Sánchez has decided to bring positions witn Podemos seen they need them to govern. Iglesias’ indignation may also be due to the strategy’s change of his party to set aside “red lines” to form a government with the Socialist Party. So it can be observed how when he says “I say to him the following thing” his main emotions are indignation and disapproval.

Throughout all the speech high activation is observed in addition to the trust and engagement that reflects a clear desire on Podemos of approach it to Socialist Party and reach an agreement to avoid a new call for elections. What is surprising is that when he mentions “government on Valencian way “ increases his fear and that makes him lose security. This would be understandable since Pablo Iglesias has admitted he is willing to stand aside if “my presence in the government is a difficulty for the Socialist Party.” It draws attention hate that in turn these words transmit , something inconsistent and contradictory to what purports to show.

It can also seen how security disappears and fear increases to recall “other actors” due to the state in which the negotiations are since Albert Rivera seems unwilling to allow a Podemos’ government, complicating the possible future progressive government that Iglesias proposes.

Spain has already served more than 100 days without a government and negotiations and agreements remain ambiguous. From Emotion Research Lab, we were expectantly at meetings or parties strategy changes that can make a government.