High emotional intensity in the first electoral spots in Mexico

On March 30, the presidential election campaign in Mexico officially began. After the exclusion of Ríos Píter of the electoral race and the inter-campaign period, the main candidates began to launch videos on the networks to obtain the votes of the electors. The high emotional intensity that the political leaders show in the first spots reflects the search for a profile of their own.

Electoral predictions point to a clear winner. Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) is the favourite to take over the Presidency with a 79% chance of winning. He’s followed by Ricardo Anaya (16%) and José Antonio Meade (5%). Anyway, the battle is still open. There are 90 days left until the elections and the polls may fail. On the other hand, the emotions expressed by political leaders are clear.


AMLO: prisoner of panic and cowardice before a possible victory

The candidate of MORENA shows a cluster of negative emotions in the first campaign video. The PANIC, the COWARD and the PERPLEXITY clash with the message in favour of the freedoms and social rights of the citizens. In a first plea, AMLO reminds the need to respect the rule of law. When he affirms “out of the law nothing” expresses ADMIRATION, DELIGHT and CONFIDENCE. This is the only time positive emotions dominate his speech. On the contrary, when it speaks of freedom of the press, of the right to dissent and sexual diversity and respect for Human Rights, it shows PANIC, COWARD and DISTRUST. Finally, in relation to respect for religions, he finds himself a prisoner of PANIC, even when he expresses “I lie where the people kneel”.

There are still many weeks to go before the elections. In the presidential elections of 2006, when everything seemed to indicate that he would win the presidency, the polls failed and Felipe Calderón won. AMLO remembers that situation and although he does not want it to be repeated, his emotions reflect the fear that this will happen again.


Ricardo Anaya: delight and serenity at the beginning of the electoral campaign

Ricardo Anaya relies on an electoral comeback that will lead him to win the next presidential election. The PAN candidate shows ADMIRATION when he pronounces the word “change”, a symbol of what his candidacy represents. In any case, he focuses his video on opposing his project and that of AMLO. The purpose is to concentrate the vote of the citizens who do not want MORENA leader.

The plan of Por México al Frente is “a new way of governing” that puts at the service of the citizenship the resources and technologies that the country has. ADMIRATION and DELIGHT accompany this innovative message that seeks to “lead Mexico to a better future”. This last sentence is expressed with SERENITY. This demonstrates the will to implement quiet and progressive reforms, which is opposed to the AMLO project. The congruence between message and emotions demonstrates Anaya’s ability to express clear and coherent messages.


José Antonio Meade: irritation and arrogance before the corruption

The candidate of Todos por México, José Antonio Meade, stands out from the past of the ruling party. Corruption during Peña Nieto’s term has tainted the name of the PRI. Thus, the first candidate who does not join the party in history shows his IRRITATION and ARROGANCE in the face of the constant scandals that have shaken broad public institutions in the country.

Meade wants a government headed “by decent people” but shows BLAME when expressing it for having been part of the last Government. When he says “I have never lived above my income” shows IRRITATION, with which he wants to highlight his rejection of those more dishonest behaviors. On the other hand, by expressing “I offer you a government that combats all corruption” exhibits DISTRUST. He is aware of the difficulties of applying this proposal in a country plagued by this problem. Finally, he agrees that “the only privilege is to be Mexican” during his term, a statement that accompanies with JOY, ECSTASY and SERENITY.


Three months until the elections, high emotional intensity … and a lot at stake

Three months remain until the electoral contest. In the first videos of the electoral campaign, some inconsistencies between discourse and emotions are already observed. The surveys indicate deep underlying trends but it is already known that they are subject to mistakes. The candidates seek to mark their own profile, put issues on the agenda and distance themselves from their opponents. Anaya and Meade want to show themselves as an alternative to AMLO that is at the head of all the polls. This, in turn, wants to consolidate its leading position.

The electoral battle begins to warm the engines and from Emotion Research LAB we will be attentive to the following movements.