Hate and ecstasy at the meeting between Rivera and Rajoy

Negative emotions to Rivera and positive emotions to Rajoy. With that spirit they have greeted in the new round of negotiations that have now begun. After 26Jelections, to form a government is a priority for everyone. However, Emotion Research Lab has found that their emotions are very disparate. HATE and ECSTASY seems not lead to a government formula of both parties.

Hate and ecstasy determine Rivera-Rajoy meeting

Mariano Rajoy is calm and confident, ready to listen to other leaders and to be again Prime Minister of Spain since PP was the most voted list. He will accept the request of King Felipe VI and meet with all parties. If it is necessary to repeat elections, his position is clear. He will argue that he has done everything possible to form a government and unblock the situation and the responsible that does not happen, there will be sought in other formations. Hence, his ECSTASY in this first meeting and his high levels of activation and happiness. He is confident and relaxed.

Albert Rivera, meanwhile, maintains the position that he has defended since last December first elections to not to support the investiture of the acting president if he or his political environment discarded continue and is given a renovation in the Government both program and people. But Rivera, although he maintains that attitude in all public appearances, does not have full support of his party. Thus, it has taken all the pressure to PSOE, which is very divided on this point. It seems that abstention from C’s and a minority government of Rajoy is the only likely option extracted of this meeting.

PSOE, second political force in votes and seats, again have the last word. This afternoon, Mariano Rajoy will meet with Pablo Iglesias, a meeting of which no agreement was expected. Tomorrow, Pedro Sánchez attend his meeting with Partido Popular’s leader and find out if unlocking the situation is close or Spaniards will focus on a third election.