Feeling betrayal of clan

The Taula operation aimed at cracking the bleaching system which was used by councilors of the PP to bring the alleged box B the needed money for events of Rita Barberá, has among its key pieces Alfonso Grau and his wife Maria Jose Alcón . This week Alfonso Grau, Valencia Vice Mayor granted an interview punctuated by silences, but especially of incongruous emotions. The perception of credibility that we have of a person builds a subconscious way at the first impression, and feeds from a key factor, emotional consistency between what speaks and feels along their communication with others. If there are discrepancies at that point, perceived credibility will be damaged, and subconsciously in receiving the message prevail emotional connection on the speech. And certainly the interview to Grau, reveals such inconsistencies.

Catch my attention of Grau his speech in recent days, about anoyance and anger, and in the interview analyzing the key points, there is no trace of anger. Anger, rage arises often in an unfair situation, which we feel we are not worthy. And just when Grau makes this statement “we do not deserve neither my wife nor I are going toblame first appears. And this appears when the speech in first person. It seems guilt carries potentially great sadness and fear and is the mainstay of most of the interview.

sentimiento de traición del clan

However, despite the interesting reading of the presence or absence of certain emotions, I decided to bet for treason. And I am counting on the images of Maria Jose Alcon, leaving by night the penitentiary. Recall that Alcon is being investigated because she appears counting cash from alleged commissions in one of the recordings of Marcos Benavent, former CEO of IMELSA, ex money-junkie and main collaborator of justice in this process.

There´s fear in Grau, but in Alcón I think there is no better image, just as the cameras pick up his face before entering the car. There is no fear but displeasure, betrayal and hatred. And while Grau speaks he feels abandoned by those who have worked with him, side by side over the years, is deeply saddened by this abandonment of the clan which allegedly, missing by justice determined, it would have done everything necessary to protect him and now turns away. In front of Grau sadness, betrayal is what feels his wife, pure anger and hatred. Because betrayal, depends on where you are, no doubt, have different approaches.

sentimiento de traición del clan

And I agree with the statement of Marhuenda, with whom I have met this morning at Espejo Público, it is generating a new punishing journalism that pronounces sentence in the TV sets, and that is far from our mission. But I like the idea that at a time when it is impossible to understand the current journalism regardless of the role of technology, the technology of facial emotion recognition is incorporated into this new era of journalism.


María Pocoví

CEO Emotion Research LAB