Fear dominates Angela Merkel when talking about the future of Europe

After the recent clashes at the NATO summit and the G7 with the United States president, Donald Trump, we could see for the first time that fear dominates Angela Merkel. With an EU marked by the Brexit and the Trump era, there is an even more uncertain future for the already poor European construction.

The tone used by Merkel is surprising. Several European newspapers suspect that her speech also hides a “secret plan for Europe” around the refugee crisis. The policies of economic organization and cooperation in defense matters.

Fear dominates Angela Merkel when talking about the future of Europe

In her address during her visit to Munich, she has been very hard and direct. She did not hesitate to show her distrust in the United States and Great Britain. She warned with high values of PANIC that “we Europeans have to fight for our own destiny” and mark distance with former allies.

Throughout her intervention, she shows very high levels of FEAR, this being her main emotion. In addition, we notice much PANIC and AGGRESSION, along with other emotions that are related to a nervous state of mind. In stating that “the times we trusted each other could be over” she also shows some degree of IMPATIENCE, because of the impossibility of reaching key agreements in the new international scenario.

When Merkel explicitly says “what has been lived these last days” referring to the summits of the G7, and NATO, there is an unusual amount of AGGRESSION. Her final argument, centered around the idea that it is the duty of the Europeans themselves to “fight for our future”, their secondary emotions point out very high AGGRESSION.

Merkel re-assigns herself the role of EU spokesperson. There is no doubt that the relationship with the former American and British partners is in question. This wave of autarchy seriously threatens the commercial relations of the old continent with its Anglo-Saxon partners.
We will closely follow the progress of this new stage of the international political scene from our Emotional Political Barometer.